MHealthy Cooking Classes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Cooking Classes offered by MHealthy, GI and Diabetes are canceled through December 2020. We expect to again offer classes in January 2021.

Our classes focus on teaching easy and delicious meals and snacks based on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, fish, low-fat dairy, lean meat and beneficial fats. We'll share tips for saving time, cutting costs and having fun making tasty, healthy food that you and your family will love! All classes will include tastings of each recipe.

U-M Food for Life Kitchen 

Just as the kitchen is the center of the home, we have created the U-M Food for Life Kitchen, a dedicated, learning space to serve as a hub for a number of programs where food and health intersect. 

Culinary medicine is a growing field that explores the links between food and health, applying the foundations of nutritional science side-by-side with traditional medical interventions in clinical care. Michigan Medicine is breaking new ground in this emerging specialty. A multidisciplinary partnership is working to advance our knowledge of the medical consequences of what, when and how much we eat, and offering practical advice and experiences to help patients develop smart, sensible, sustainable food strategies. Learn more about culinary medicine, the various classes offered at the kitchen, and images of the space.