Prescription Drug Plan

Note: Advance Prescription Refills Available

3/19/20 - To ensure that you have your prescription maintenance medication available, the U-M Benefits Office implemented a refill override that is effective immediately. You may get up to a 90-day supply of maintenance medication in advance of the usual refill schedule. Typically you need to wait until you have used 75 percent of your fill. That limit has been removed and you may refill at any time as long as your prescription has a refill available.


The university provides a prescription drug plan for eligible faculty, staff, graduate students, and retirees. The plan provides prescription drug coverage for outpatient medication needs through a nationwide network of retail pharmacies. The plan also offers a convenient mail order service with reduced copays for maintenance medications. MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. provides member and pharmacy network services.

View the prescription drug plan formulary for a list of generic, brand and specialty drugs that are covered by the plan. Specialty drugs are medications that require special handling, special administration or monitoring. Specialty drugs on the formulary are covered when filled at University of Michigan Specialty Pharmacy, even if your doctor is not part of Michigan Medicine.

See News and Updates for announcements and drug plan changes.


  • When you enroll in a university health plan, you will automatically be enrolled in the prescription drug plan at the same time, with coverage effective on your service date.
  • The prescription drug plan covers the same people as your health plan.
  • You cannot elect prescription drug coverage without health coverage, or vice versa.
  • You will get an ID card from MedImpact in the mail several weeks after enrolling. Your member ID number, shown on the front of the card, will be the letter “U” followed by your U-M employee ID number.

Summary of Coverage

There is no annual deductible for the prescription drug plan. Copays are divided into three tiers. Prescriptions must be filled at a pharmacy within the MedImpact pharmacy network, which includes mail order and the U-M Specialty Pharmacy.

  • Tier 1 – Generic Drugs – low copay
  • Tier 2 – Preferred Brand Name Drugs – intermediate copay
  • Tier 3 – Non-Preferred Brand Name Drugs – high copay, plus possible product selection penalty

Certain medications and supplements are also available at $0 copay under the Affordable Care Act.

Note: MNA copays are for members of the Michigan Nurses Association.

Costs and Copays - Tier 1 - Generic
Quantity Active Employees, U-M Retirees MNA
Up to a 34-day supply $10 $7
35-day to 60-day supply $20 $14
61-day to 90-day supply $30 $21
Best Value - Up to 90-day supply through U-M's mail order pharmacy $20 $14
Costs and Copays - Tier 2 - Preferred Brand
Quantity Active Employees, U-M Retirees MNA
Up to a 34-day supply $20 $15
35-day to 60-day supply $40 $30
61-day to 90-day supply $60 $45
Best Value - Up to 90-day supply through U-M's mail order pharmacy $40 $30
Costs and Copays - Tier 3 - Non-Preferred Brand
Quantity Active Employees, U-M Retirees MNA
Up to a 34-day supply $45 $30
35-day to 60-day supply $90 $60
61-day to 90-day supply $135 $90
Best Value - Up to 90-day supply through U-M's mail order pharmacy $90 $60


  1. If the retail price of a covered medication is less than the tier copay, you pay only the cost of the medication. If the cost of the covered medication is more than the copay, you pay only the copay. The member always pays the full cost for prescriptions that are not covered by the plan.
  2. Catastrophic coverage for prescription drugs goes into effect after the annual out-of-pocket maximum of $2,500 per individual coverage or $5,000 per family per year is met. Catastrophic coverage applies only to covered prescription drugs and does not include infertility medications, product selection penalty, or health plan expenses such as physician office visits.
  3. Copays for union members may differ based on their collective bargaining agreement.

Product Selection Penalty

If you or your physician requests a brand-name product when an FDA-approved generic is available, you will be required to pay a product selection penalty, which is the cost difference between the generic and brand-name medication. The product selection penalty is charged in addition to the brand-name (Tier 2 or Tier 3) copay.

Your pharmacist will dispense generic drugs whenever they are available and legally permitted, unless your physician specifies “dispense as written” (DAW) on your prescription or you request the brand name product.

How to Save Money on Prescriptions

  1. Request generics in a 90-day supply whenever possible to pay the lowest copay.
  2. Use the MedImpact Member Portal to find the lowest-cost option for your medications, view your Rx history and find a pharmacy near you. Register here (you will need your ID number).
  3. Refer your prescriber to the U-M Prescription Drug Plan formulary for covered generic, brand and specialty drugs.
  4. For convenience and possible copay savings, use mail order for eligible prescriptions.
  5. Certain preventive products are covered by the prescription drug plan at $0 copay under the Affordable Care Act with a written prescription from your health care provider, including for over-the-counter (OTC) products.
  6. Consider participating in a free prescription program such as those offered through on-site pharmacies at Meijer, Sam's Club or Publix, which often cover prenatal vitamins, select antibiotics, and some cholesterol and diabetes medications with $0 copay. You will still need to have a prescription and present your insurance card.
  7. Participate in the Statin pill-splitting incentive program if you take a statin cholesterol-lowering medication to save 1/2 of the copay cost. Please note that certain generic statins are available at $0 copay.
  8. Participate in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to use pre-tax dollars for prescription copays and many over-the-counter medications (with a written prescription).

Contact MedImpact


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    • View the Pharmacy Locator and Drug Price Check

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Please be advised that the University of Michigan Prescription Drug Plan formulary is updated periodically and changes may appear prior to their effective date to allow for client notification. The University of Michigan does not warrant or assure accuracy of such information nor is it intended to be comprehensive in nature. The medical provider should consult the drug manufacturer's product literature or standard references for more detailed information. Every effort is made to ensure complete and accurate information; however, the most accurate source of medication coverage and member cost is MedImpact’s online pricing tool. The pricing tool will not provide cost estimates for the product selection penalty or medications that require prior authorization.