Vision Plan


All benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible to enroll in the Vision Plan. If you are enrolled in the plan at the time of your retirement, coverage continues during your retirement.

Each enrolled person may receive an eye exam, one pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses, and frames once each calendar year. There is a monthly rate for enrollment in the plan and there may be an additional copay when you receive services.

You can receive service from providers who participate with Davis Vision by MetLife or from non-participating providers. The greatest cost savings are with participating providers.

How and When to Enroll

Enroll online through Self Service > Benefits on Wolverine Access. There are three times when you may enroll or make changes:

Participating Providers

After enrollment, make an appointment with a Davis Vision by MetLife participating provider when you need vision care services. You will pay a co-pay (if it applies) when you receive services, and the balance will be paid through the plan. You will not have to file any claim forms.

Access your vision program on MetLife’s MyBenefits website. Register or sign in to your existing account for all your benefit needs, including the ‘Find a Vision Provider’ tool.

U-M's Kellogg Eye Center and the University Health Service Eye Care Clinic and Optical Shop are in-network providers.

Non-Participating Providers

If you receive services from a non-participating provider, you will be required to pay for the services at that time and then file a claim with Davis Vision by MetLife for partial reimbursement. Before your appointment with a non-participating provider, download and print a Davis Vision by MetLife Reimbursement Form, or request to have one sent to you by calling the SSC Contact Center. Present the claim form to the non-participating doctor or laboratory at the time services are provided so they can complete applicable sections of the claim form.

Keep a copy of the claim form and your receipt for your records. Mail the completed and signed claim form with your itemized receipt to:

Davis Vision
Attn: Claims Processing
881 Elkridge Landing Rd
Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

No ID Card Needed

No ID Card is issued or needed for the Vision Plan. Visit MetLife’s MyBenefits website to access a digital ID card. 

"Splitting" Your Vision Care Benefits

You may "split" your benefits by receiving your eye examination, eyeglass lenses and frame or contact lenses on different dates or through different provider locations. Continuity of care will best be maintained when all available services are obtained at one time from the same provider. To maximize benefit values, Davis Vision recommends obtaining all services from a participating provider.

Monthly Rates

Eligible faculty, staff, and retirees pay the full monthly premium for enrollment in the Vision Plan. There is no university contribution.

2024 Rates 

  • You only, $7.71 (7.86 for COBRA)
  • You plus one dependent, $12.04 (12.28 for COBRA)
  • You plus two or more dependents, $20.90 ($21.32 for COBRA)

If you are paid biweekly, payroll deductions will be taken from your first two paychecks each month. If there are three pay dates in a month, no vision plan deductions will be taken from the third paycheck.

If you are paid monthly, payroll deductions will be taken from each monthly paycheck.

Contact Davis Vision by MetLife

If you have any questions regarding your plan benefits, contact the Davis Vision by MetLife customer call center at 1-833-EYE-LIFE (833-393-5433) or visit the MetLife MyBenefits website.

Vision Plan Forms and Documents