Be Kind Be Well

Kindness can do wonders in the workplace.

It can help build collaboration, compassion, and recognition in your colleagues. And a great place to start is being kind to yourself.

Research shows that kindness helps improve your mood and enhances your capacity for facing your daily challenges. Kindness and gratitude can also build trust and strengthen your work team to facilitate creativity, innovation, engagement, and collaboration.

New Resources to Share Kindness 

New in 2022, additional digital downloads are available for sharing messages of kindness in the workplace. You can help weave kindness into your workday with these Zoom backgrounds and mobile phone wallpapers. And coming soon, an email variation of the popular gratitude cards.

Zoom Backgrounds

Good Morning Zoom Background  Be Kind Be Well Zoom Background, I Will Be Kind  Be Kind Be Well Zoom Background, Knock. Knock. Be Kind Be Well Zoom Background, the teamBe Kind Be Well Zoom Background, Thank You  

Mobile Wallpapers

Download the image (on your phone, press and hold the image and select "save to photos") and set it for your phone's lock screen, home screen, or both! 

Gratitude Email Generator

This is a simple form for you to share kind messages of gratitude to anyone via email

Take the Pledge

So give it a try. Be kind to yourself and to the people in your life. And you just may find that being kind, helps you to be well. To help you get started, take a look at the Be Kind Be Well pledge. Print it and post it in your workplace as a reminder to choose kindness and gratitude throughout your day. And check out the other resources, research, and other information here intended to help incorporate gratitude into your day-to-day work. 

Put Your Pledge in Your Email

If you took the pledge, let people know - email-style! Download this image for your kindness email signature.

email signature for be kind be well

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