Gratitude Email Generator

Would you like to share gratitude in a fun and informal way? Try using this "Gratitude Email Generator." It's a simple form that sends a Be Kind Be Well branded email including images inspired by the printable gratitude cards. Plus you can add a kind message to share how thankful you are. 

Thank it Forward

The person receiving your email will also get a link in their message to this form. That way each person can continue the good vibes by sending their own message, either in reply or to a new person. Imagine the smiles if each of us commits to sharing one message of gratitude a week.

Please note:

  • The text you add to the "Recipient Name" will display in the salutation of the email.
  • The text you enter in the "Sender Name" field is added to a signature line.
  • The items you select in the "I owe you" section will display as images and in the first full sentence of the email.
  • The text that you enter in the "Thank you for" field continues the sentence.
    • For example, with variable items from your message in bold: "Thank you! I owe you a cup of coffee or tea and joke and high five to say thanks for sending a gratitude email! 
    • You can also view an image of an example