Academic Human Resources

Academic Human Resources provides faculty human resource services by administering and providing consultation related to programs, policies and procedures for Instructional and Research Faculty as well as Graduate Student Instructors, Graduate Student Research Assistants and Graduate Student Staff Assistants. We are also responsible for union contract issues and processes for academic employees.

Labor Relations

Academic Human Resources administers the following collective bargaining agreements:

  • Lecturers Employee Organization (LEO Local 6244, MFT/AFT/AFL-CIO)
  • Graduate Employees Organization (G.E.O. Local 3550, AFT/AFL-CIO)
  • Librarians, Archivists, and Curators (LEO-GLAM Local 6244, MFT/AFT/AFL-CIO) 

Under these collective bargaining agreements we are responsible for

  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract administration, including interpretation of contracts
  • Grievances, discipline and discharge process
  • Arbitration and litigation

We are prepared to respond to a broad range of questions, concerns, and issues related to the provisions of these agreements and to academic employee activity in general.

Additional Responsibilities

Other Academic Human Resources responsibilities include:

  • Verifying sabbatical service and exceptions
  • Approving reduction in force requests (for staff and primary staff employees in academic units with 10 or more years of service)
  • Approving retirement agreements for faculty, including variances to the furlough policy and the phased retirement policy
  • Approving supplemental salary requests (including overloads in excess of 25%)
  • Providing leadership programming for deans, associate deans and department chairs
  • Providing advice and consultation to faculty and academic administrators covering the entire range of personnel issues for faculty, including leaves of absence, sabbatical eligibility, salary issues, outside consulting requirements, appointment criteria, etc.
  • Coordinating the collection and review of Regents Communications for any personnel action at the senior faculty ranks (appointment, tenure or promotion), appointment to an academic administrative position and appointments to professorship requiring Regental approval
  • Administering the several faculty grievance procedures
  • Managing the tenure and promotion process for the Provost's Office