Furlough, Effort Reduction and Reduction in Force (RIF)

The university endeavors to provide stable employment. However, situations such as a lack of funds, lack of work, or reorganization—as well as short-term situations resulting in unexpected disruptions—may require changes to the workforce. 

There are two policies that guide how units can respond to these situations: 

  • Reduction in force (RIF) (SPG 201.72)
  • Short-term layoff (furlough) or effort reduction (SPG 201.73)

Under a reduction in force, positions are eliminated from a unit in response to budgetary or operational needs.  

Under a short-term layoff (furlough) or effort reduction, units may take temporary actions if needed without eliminating positions.   

Departments are responsible for retaining the staff necessary to preserve the university’s excellence as an educational institution.

In all of these situations, employees may retain certain benefits for a period of time. Units must follow certain procedures for notifying employees.