Holidays and Season Days

The university observes seven holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day following Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, and four Season Days. Learn about substituting holidays.

Season Days are the four days between the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays and employees receive time off on those days. Learn more about Season Days.

Please note that Michigan Medicine (excluding Medical School) employees receive Holidays but do not receive Season Days.  More information for those covered by a paid time off (PTO) plan.

Please use this list to help plan work and vacation schedules.

2024 Holidays and Season Days


  • January 1, 2024; New Year's Day, Monday


  • May 27, 2024; Memorial Day, Monday


  • July 4, 2024; Independence Day, Thursday


  • September 2, 2024; Labor Day, Monday


  • November 28, 2024; Thanksgiving Day, Thursday

  • November 29, 2024; Friday


  • December 25, 2024; Christmas Day, Wednesday

  • December 26, 2024; Season Day, Thursday

  • December 27 2024, Season Day, Friday

  • December 30, 2024, Season Day, Monday

  • December 31, 2024, Season Day, Tuesday

  • January 1, 2025, New Year’s Day, Wednesday

Substituting Holidays

Because other days may be of more significance than a university-designated holiday, a staff member may request approval to substitute up to three (3) holidays of his/her choice for any three (3) university holidays. Written request of substitution(s) for the upcoming fiscal year must be given to the immediate supervisor on or before July 1st of that year.

Season Days Information

Employees who work on a Season Day will receive an equivalent amount of vacation hours as an addition to their vacation accrual. They may schedule this vacation time at any time during the year by requesting vacation as they usually do. Using the time reporting code SEW for hours worked on a season day will tell the payroll system to pay the staff member at the appropriate rate and automatically add an equivalent number of hours to their vacation. For regular part-time staff, it may be necessary to report some Season Day hours after New Year's Day in order to account for their proportion of Season Day hours due.

Michigan Medicine Paid Time Off, Bargained-for, and Temporary Staff Considerations

Michigan Medicine (excluding Medical School) employees receive Holidays but do not receive Season Days. Those covered by a paid time off (PTO) plan may request time off during the winter holidays consistent with their department policies. Departments may also assign paid time off (or no pay time if requested by the employee and permitted by the department’s policy) during this period to accommodate reduced workload or unit closure.

Employees in bargaining units observe Holidays and Season Days as indicated in their respective agreements.

Temporary employees are not eligible for Season Day or Holiday pay.