Academic Appointments Manual

The hiring, reappointment, promotion and termination of academic appointments are governed at several levels within the University:  the bylaws of the Board of Regents, the Provost Office policies and procedures, and then each school’s own policies and procedures. This manual attempts to bring together the various layers of policies and procedures to aid administrators responsible for administering faculty appointments.  It details the required activities relating to academic personnel appointments; references Regents Bylaws, Standard Practice Guidelines, Provost Office procedures where applicable, and notes when school policy and procedures will need to be referenced.

For administrators new to academic appointments, the definitions section provides key concepts and terminology.  “Recruit and Appointments” and “Promotions and Reappointments” are organized by academic title.  If you have questions regarding a specific title, you can navigate directly to it in these areas.  Changes and Additions to Appointments is organized by the type of change since these procedures are usually the same for all titles. Any exceptions for specific titles are noted.

The current version of this manual includes tenure/tenure track, clinical and visiting positions on the Ann Arbor campus.  Later versions will include other types of appointments, such as research faculty, as well as information specific to other campuses.

Please refer questions or comments you have about this guide to Academic Human Resources or call (734) 763-8938.