Direct Contact List for Units

To facilitate responsive service, please contact the appropriate staff member for your school, college or specific task. Please see the list below for a complete list of direct contacts.

  • Academic HR Office - (734) 763-8938
  • Kim Andrus - (734) 763-9894 (Office)
  • Steve Brummer - (734) 936-3698 (Office)
  • Tammy Deane - (734) 936-8911 (Office)
  • Katie DeLong - (734) 936-3852 (Office)
  • Ellen Grachek - (734) 647-1715 (Office)
  • Sascha Matish - (734) 615-8412 (Office) (734) 478-4598 (Work Cell)
  • Allyson Strickland - (734) 615-0509 (Office)
  • Sonja Mines - (734) 763-8938 (Office)

General questions: [email protected]
Posting waiver questions: [email protected]
Institutional Reference Checks questions: [email protected]

Academic Human Resources Unit Assignments

School/College Primary Contact Secondary Contact
University of Michigan – Dearborn Allyson Strickland Katie DeLong
University of Michigan – Flint Kim Andrus Ellen Grachek
Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning Kim Andrus Steve Brummer
Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design Allyson Strickland Steve Brummer
Stephen M. Ross School of Business Ellen Grachek Allyson Strickland
School of Dentistry Kim Andrus Sascha Matish
School of Education Ellen Grachek Steve Brummer
College of Engineering Sascha Matish/Katie DeLong Kim Andrus (LEO)
School of Information Steve Brummer Katie DeLong
School of Kinesiology Allyson Strickland Steve Brummer
Law School Katie DeLong Kim Andrus (LEO)
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Ellen Grachek Katie DeLong
Medical School Sascha Matish Katie DeLong (post docs) Kim Andrus (WC cases, LEO)
School of Music, Theatre & Dance Katie DeLong Ellen Grachek
School for Environment and Sustainability Kim Andrus Steve Brummer
School of Nursing Kim Andrus Steve Brummer
College of Pharmacy Kim Andrus Steve Brummer
School of Public Health Katie DeLong Kim Andrus (LEO)
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Steve Brummer Allyson Strickland
Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies Katie DeLong Steve Brummer
School of Social Work Allyson Strickland Ellen Grachek
Life Sciences Institute Kim Andrus Katie DeLong
University of Michigan Office of Research Kim Andrus Katie DeLong
Institute for Social Research Kim Andrus Katie DeLong
Faculty Grievance Procedure Unit Rep Secondary Rep
University Libraries Steve Brummer Ellen Grachek
Bentley, Clements, UMMA Steve Brummer Allyson Strickland
Post-Docs, GSRAs Katie DeLong Kim Andrus
Visiting Scholars, Background Checks Steve Brummer Sonja Mines
Work Connections Kim Andrus Katie DeLong
Vetting Check Process Tammy Deane Sonja Mines
Posting Waivers - ([email protected]) Tammy Deane AHR
RIFs Kim Andrus Steve Brummer
Regents Communications, New Faculty Appointments, Tenure and Promotion, Sabbatical
Tammy Deane Sonja Mines
GEO Contract Administrator Katie DeLong
LEO Contract Administrator Ellen Grachek
LEO-GLAM Contract Administrator Ellen Grachek