Service Areas and Offices

Academic Human Resources

Academic Human Resource administers and provides consultation related to human resource programs, policies and procedures for Instructional and Primary staff as well as Education Assistants. AHR also is responsible for union contract issues and processes. Read more about Academic Human Resources.

Benefits Office

The Benefits Office administers the university's benefits programs, such as medical, life and dental insurance as well as the long-term disability, travel accident insurance, and retirement programs. Read more about the Benefits Office and benefit plans for faculty and staff.

Compensation and Classification

The Compensation and Classification Office is responsible for developing compensation programs, policies, and approaches that meet the unique needs of our academic and business units as they attract, retain, motivate, develop, classify and organize their diverse work forces. Read more about the Compensation and Classification Office

Health and Well-Being Services

U-M Health and Well-Being Services is made up of MHealthy health and well-being programs, Occupational Health Services and Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services

HR Strategy and Planning

Executives in HR Strategy and Planning provide vision, leadership and direction for the units in UHR. Read more about HR Strategy and Planning

HR Communications

Human Resource Communications provides strategic communication planning and comprehensive services for the units of University Human Resources and for University-wide special initiatives. Read more about HR Communications.

Human Resource Records and Information Services

Human Resource Records and Information Services (HRRIS) develops and maintains the university’s human resource information system, maintains faculty and staff records and provides information services to the university community and external agencies. Read more about Human Resources Records and Information Services.

Learning & Professional Development (LPD)

LPD provides a comprehensive array of professional development programs, courses, and services to help meet the educational and training needs of university employees. Read more about Learning & Professional Development and course offerings.

Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services

Free confidential counseling and consultation services are available to faculty and staff through two separate programs serving the Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses and Michigan Medicine. Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services is part of U-M Health and Well-Being Services along with MHealthy and Occupational Health Services. Read more about Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services


MHealthy is the university’s health and well-being program committed to creating a community of health where both the individual and organization thrive. MHealthy offers programs and services supporting physical activity, weight loss, nutrition, mental and emotional health, and occupational health, as well as FASCCO and the Michigan Medicine Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience counseling services for faculty and staff. MHealthy is part of U-M Health and Well-Being Services along with Occupational Health Services and Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services. Read more about MHealthy and the programs and resources available.

Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services provides services to Michigan Medicine and Ann Arbor campus faculty and staff for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of occupational illnesses and injuries. Occupational Health Services is part of U-M Health and Well-Being Services along with MHealthy and Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services. Read more about Occupational Health Services.

Office for Institutional Equity

The Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) promotes and furthers the university’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity for all members of its community. The office provides training and consultation on achieving and supporting diversity in the workplace, on Americans with Disabilities Act issues, and on preventing and resolving discrimination and discriminatory harassment. Read more about the Office for Institutional Equity

Organizational Learning

Organizational Learning is a unit of UHR that includes:

  • Learning & Professional Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and education

Organizational Learning is directed by the university's Chief Organizational Learning Officer, who also leads Michigan Medicine's Faculty Development program. Read more about Organizational Learning

Recruiting and Employment Services

Recruiting and Employment Services develops and maintains the university’s job posting and applicant management systems and related policies and processes in order to assist U-M departments in the recruitment and retention of an outstanding workforce. Read more about Recruiting and Employment Services.

Staff HR Services

Staff HR Services provides advice and assistance to employees, supervisors and administrators on a wide-range of university policy and conducts supervisory training programs and administers staff salary and job classification programs. Read more about Staff HR Services.

Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing Services offers high-quality temporary workforce solutions to meet to meet each department’s ongoing and fluctuating staffing needs. Read more about Temporary Staffing Services

Work-Life Programs

U-M Work-Life Programs supports policies and services to help promote a work-life balance for faculty and staff. The Work-Life Programs office administers both the Work-Life Resource Center and the U-M Children’s Centers. Read more about Work-Life Programs.