UHR Strategic Plan

The Human Resource community will help sustain academic excellence, foster active engagement and build collaborative learning communities to champion the mission and values of the University of Michigan.

University Human Resources' Guiding Principles

Excellence, stewardship and partnership are the guiding principles of University of Michigan Human Resources.

These principles guide human resource decision-making at the university by measuring to what extent the issue:

  • Aligns with the missions of the university.

  • Fosters an environment that allows faculty, students, staff and organizational units to lead and excel.

  • Supports the recruitment of and retention of high-caliber faculty, students, and staff.

  • Complies with all applicable laws, regulations and policies.

  • Employs best practices and leads in innovation and quality.

  • Promotes fairness and equity.

  • Fosters diversity and inclusion.

  • Demonstrates fiscal responsibility and resource stewardship.

  • Promotes ethical behavior in the community.

FY22 Focus Areas 

  • Future of Work: Develop strategic, operational and policy frameworks and resources to support models of new ways of working post-pandemic.
  • Michigan Care Development: Explore goals for growth with Michigan Medicine which may involve incentives or network expansion. Evaluate potential Advantage plan for retiree Medicare population and advantages/disadvantages for MAPD (prescription carve-in) component.

  • Labor Strategy: Support strategic negotiations with new and existing bargaining groups and ongoing labor relations.

  • Mental and Emotional Health Support: Prioritize mental/emotional health support for faculty and staff by providing telehealth, and hybrid counseling and educational programs to promote social connection, adjustment to workplace changes, and recognizing and responding to mental health concerns. Focus on services that increase personal, family and workplace resilience.

  • Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: Support units with full cycle recruiting and the dissemination of tools and resources to support inclusive, skill-based recruiting best practices. Continue work to develop a centralized recruiting service for schools, colleges and units. Upskill hiring team and HR skill sets to encourage accountability and the use of best practices.

  • Ethics, Integrity and Compliance: Collaborate on aligning policies, practices and education around culture of ethics, integrity and compliance, and risk mitigation.

  • Establish Culture Change Infrastructure:  Support university-wide culture change efforts by leading the development of unifying, shared values, aligned with behavioral expectations and people management process. FY22 will focus on the development of a culture change curriculum and collaboration with EICC, and the newly formed ECRT and to support education around policies and procedures.

  • UHR Talent Strategy and Culture: Provide measurable engagement strategies at all levels of the talent management cycle to support a positive UHR culture focused on growth, development and inclusion. FY22 includes emphasis on operationalizing the future of work in UHR, balancing accountability with flexibility.

  • UHR Structure and Strategic Plan: Develop and implement UHR FY23-25 strategic and structural path forward through reimagining and realigning the organization based on stakeholder input and other drivers of change.

View the FY22 Focus Areas Update infographic.