UHR Senior Leadership

Richard S. Holcomb, Jr.

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Sonya Jacobs

Assistant Vice President and Chief Organizational Learning Officer, Organizational Learning

Sascha Matish

Associate Vice Provost and Senior Director, Academic Human Resources

David T. Reid

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Communications and Marketing, HR Communications

Karen Schmidt

Senior Director, MHealthy

Peggy Sheagren

Assistant Vice President, Strategy, Planning and Operations, HR Strategy and Planning

Christine Snyder

Director, U-M Children's Centers

Brian Vasher

Assistant Vice President, Employee Benefits and Well-being Services, Benefits Office 

Jennifer Watson

Director, HR Data and Analytics

Timothy M. Wood

Assistant Vice President, HR Services, Staff HR Services, Compensation and ClassificationTalent Acquisition

Wendy Yensch

Director, HR Records and Information Services