Child Care Resources

We've gathered resources to help you find child care as you work from home or return to campus -- in-your-home care options, the Campus Child Care Homes, the U-M Children’s Centers wait list for future enrollment, and databases of all state-licensed child care centers and homes. Note that licensed child care programs have Guidelines for Child Care Operations During COVID-19.

Browse in-your-home child care and tutoring support options

These additional child care options include resources for finding a caregiver or tutor for your own children.

Learn about current openings in the Campus Child Care Homes 

The Campus Child Care Homes are state-licensed, independent, home-based programs that serve U-M faculty, staff, and student parents who need weekday child care in the Ann Arbor area. Their online profiles are updated frequently, and include program information and photos. Openings for young children, including infants, are currently available in these small child care groups (just a few children, up to 12 children, depending on the Campus Home provider). 

Apply to the U-M Children’s Centers for enrollment in later 2021 and beyond

The U-M Children’s Centers are on-campus, weekday programs for young children in Ann Arbor (three locations), Dearborn, and Flint. They are state-licensed, and emphasize early childhood education. U-M and community families are welcome to review Frequently Asked Questions and apply to the Ann Arbor waitlist using our online form. Update (6-23-2020): To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the State of Michigan recommends that licensed child care programs maintain smaller groups and classrooms. Therefore, our U-M Children's Centers are unable to expand enrollment, offer school-age child care, etc. 

Search the State of Michigan child care databases

View listings of all state-licensed child care (centers and homes) on the Licensing or Great Start public databases (same programs on both). Please note: while basic information is regularly updated by the State of Michigan, you will need to contact individual centers and homes of your choice to inquire about openings, rates, etc. To help you make the best use of these sites, see these resources

Explore other child care resources 

Learn about need-based financial assistance for child care, types of care and how to choose, and additional child care options including resources for finding a tutor or learning support for your own children.

Register for Kids Kare at Home 

For occasional backup child care in your family home when you must work or study for U-M, see Kids Kare at Home

Search the Family Helpers Posting Board

For short-term, occasional, or partial week child care needs in your U-M affiliated, Ann Arbor-area home (or virtually, e.g. tutoring and school support via Zoom), and for your own household family members only, browse the Family Helpers Posting Board or create a Help Wanted Post. 

For more information

If you have questions, or if you need assistance, please email or leave a voice mail at (734) 763-9379


The U-M Work-Life Resource Center does not endorse or represent any resources listed as recommended by the University of Michigan. We encourage families to review and comply with applicable State of Michigan Child Care Licensing Rules and any other applicable law and regulations. We offer child care resource information only. Information is subject to change. Neither the U-M nor its subcontractors warrant any information concerning any child care provider, nor do they inspect, investigate, endorse, recommend, or choose any particular provider. The inclusion of any care provider’s name does not constitute endorsement or certification by the U-M, WLRC or its subcontractors as to their qualifications to provide child care, the rates charged for services or any other aspect of individual program’s quality of care. Any complaints and problems should be directed to the caregiver or, if applicable, the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.