Databases of All Licensed Child Care Programs in Michigan

If you are looking for a child care program, there are two databases to choose from that are great places for families to search for care. Both are managed by the State of Michigan. And both provide profiles of all child care centers and homes that are state-licensed.

Search for Licensed Child Care Centers and Homes

Please note

  • Both services use the same data list of licensed child care centers and homes.

  • It appears that the recently revamped Child Care Licensing (CCHIRP) database will have a greater number of recent inspection reports posted for you to review for a child care center or home, while the Great Start database may just have the one most recent inspection report posted for a program. So, to view more reports for a program, use the Child Care Licensing database, and see under Inspection Reports and Report Name for each program for Inspection, Renewal, and any Special Investigation Reports.

  • To receive more child care options when searching Great Start to Quality, consider leaving search-fields blank if you have flexibility, e.g., with days and hours of care. And if you have flexibility with your commute, you may want to search all programs in a city rather than in just one zip code, and perhaps even consider nearby cities.

  • Please note: while basic information is updated by the State of Michigan, you will need to directly contact the programs that interest you to discuss your child and your child care needs, and to inquire about current and upcoming openings (which can change frequently), rates, hours, being added to their waitlist (if applicable), etc.

  • If you need help navigating these State of Michigan databases of all licensed child care centers and homes, or if you have general questions about child care search resources, please email or leave a voicemail at (734) 763-9379.


Child and Family Care (formerly Work-Life) does not endorse or represent any resources listed as recommended by the University of Michigan. All users are encouraged to review and comply with applicable State of Michigan Child Care Licensing Rules and any other applicable law and regulations. We offer child care resource information only. Information is subject to change. Neither the U-M nor its subcontractors warrant any information concerning any child care provider, nor do they inspect, investigate, endorse, recommend, or choose any particular provider. The inclusion of any care provider’s name does not constitute endorsement or certification by the U-M, CFC or its subcontractors as to their qualifications to provide child care, the rates charged for services or any other aspect of individual program’s quality of care. Any complaints and problems should be directed to the caregiver or, if applicable, the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Child Care Licensing.