Active U Frequently Asked Questions

Active U T-shirts and Upgrade Items

How do I earn an Active U T-shirt?
To successfully complete Active U 2018 and be eligible for a T-shirt you must:
1. Reach or exceed your weekly physical activity minutes goal. Included in this is logging at least 30 minutes per day, at least 3 days per week.
2. Log successfully (#1 above) at least 8 out of the 12 weeks of the program.
3. Answer the post-program questions (available after March 14)     
           4. T-shirts must be ordered by End of Day April 4.
To see how many weeks you’ve completed, look on your tracker page  under “Individual Requirements;” you will see the number of successfully completed weeks. Once 8 weeks and the program survey have been completed successfully, you will be able to choose your item.
What are my clothing item options?
Once 8 weeks and the program survey have been successfully completed, faculty and staff can choose to get a free T-shirt OR pay to upgrade to a different item. Only one clothing item per participant is allowed. Students, retirees and spouses / OQAs who complete the program successfully can purchase any of the below items as well.
Free T-shirt Options (choose one):
Short-sleeve unisex T-shirt OR Ladies cut short-sleeve T-shirt (free for faculty and staff)

OR, Upgrade Clothing Options (choose one):

Please note: Once you choose to upgrade, you will not be able to go back and select a free T-shirt.  

 Unisex Long-sleeve T-shirt 

Unisex Tech Shirt

Ladies Cut Tech Shirt

Unisex Baseball T-Shirt

Unisex Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Unisex Tank Top

Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser

Note: Students, retirees and spouses / OQAs who complete the program successfully may purchase any of the above items as well.

How much are the upgraded clothing items?
Upgraded items can only be picked up at select Underground Printing locations or mailed to you. If picking up, you will choose a store location when ordering. If you would like your item mailed to you, an additional $5.95 will be added for shipping and handling.
Faculty and Staff Pricing (does NOT include $5.95 shipping and handling):
Unisex Long-Sleeve T-shirt: S-XL - $3.39; 2XL - $4.45; 3XL - $4.98
Unisex Tech Shirt: S-XL - $7.59; 2XL - $8.65; 3XL - $9.18
Ladies Cut Tech Shirt: S-XL - $7.59; 2XL - $8.65; 3XL- $9.18
Unisex Baseball T-Shirt: S-XL - $6.81; 2XL - $7.87; 3XL - $8.40
Unisex Tank Top: S-XL - $7.41; 2XL - $8.47
Unisex Quarter Zip Sweatshirt: S-XL - $22.13; 2XL - $23.19; 3XL - $23.72
Tumbler (with fruit Infuser): $6.57
Pricing for students, retirees and spouses / OQAs students coming soon.


Can I try on the clothing options?
Yes, Active U clothing samples are available for try-on at the three Underground Printing stores in Ann Arbor (listed below) beginning March 15. 
329 S. Main St.
2248 S. Main St.
1114 S. University
If you plan on trying on a sample, please DO NOT make your clothing choice online until after you’ve done so. 
How do I order my free T-shirt or upgraded item? (For faculty and staff only)
The Monday after you complete the program successfully, you will receive an email with ordering information.
To order a free T-shirt:
1. Click on the link provided in your email for the free T-shirt (Option 1). 
2. Choose your T-shirt type (either unisex short-sleeve or ladies cut short-sleeve) and size.
3. Submit your order.
4. Print out the confirmation email and bring it with you when picking up your T-shirt. View T-shirt pick up dates and locations.
           5. T-shirts must be ordered by End of Day April 4.
To order an upgraded item:
Please note:  If you choose to upgrade, you CANNOT go back and select a free T-shirt.  Before upgrading, view the above FAQs to see upgrade item images and pricing.
1. Click on the link provided in your email to pay to upgrade to a different Active U item (Option 2). You will be taken to the Underground Printing website. 
2. Follow the steps to make your choice.
3. If you have questions about upgrades, please contact Underground Printing at (800) 242-4787 
 Where do I pick up my clothing item?
Free T-shirt pickup: View on-campus T-shirt pick-up dates and locations. You (or your representative) should print out your T-shirt order email confirmation and bring it with you. If a representative is picking up the T-shirt for you, make sure to write your U-M ID number and sign your name on the back of the email. Free T-shirts (ONLY individual shirts, not team / group pick-ups) can also be picked up at one of these Ann Arbor Underground Printing locations:
329 S. Main St.
2248 S. Main St.
1114 S. University

    General Information

    What is Active U?
    Active U is a FREE 12-week physical activity challenge and fundraiser that is designed for every fitness and activity level. Join as an individual or become part of a team. By tracking your physical activity minutes in the online Active U Tracker every week, you can become more active and even learn healthier exercise tips!
    Who can participate in Active U?
    All University of Michigan faculty, staff, retirees, graduate and undergraduate students, and employees' spouses and Other Qualified Adults (OQA) are eligible to participate in Active U.
    What is an OQA: Please visit the University Benefits office page.
    How do I register for Active U?
    Starting Dec. 19, go to the Active U dashboard/homepage and use your U-M unique name and Kerberos/Level 1 password to access the new online tracker and begin registering. Once registered, make sure to also complete the pre-survey (located under “Complete Survey” on the main section of the dashboard). This will help you determine your weekly exercise minutes goal. The pre-survey is required.  
    Also, please note these important dates:
    You can join a team through Jan. 8, 2018
    Begin tracking your physical activity minutes starting Jan. 9, 2018.
    The last day to join Active U and still be eligible for a T-shirt is February 5, 2018
    Is the Active U pre-survey required?  
    Yes, the pre-survey is one of the accomplishments you must finish in order to complete the Active U program successfully. It is designed to help you determine your weekly exercise minute goal. Once registered, complete the pre-survey under “Complete Survey” on the main section of the dashboard. Then, when Active U begins on January 9, you will already have one accomplishment (the pre-survey) completed!
    Do I have to join a team?
    No, some people prefer to participate in Active U on their own.

    New Features

    What is the Active U dashboard?
    Active U now features a dashboard, which is the first page you’ll see each time you log into the program. It is your homepage to access all of your favorite features, including tracking your physical activity minutes, staying in touch with your friends and teammates, and seeing your progress towards reaching your weekly personal exercise goal. 
    The new site is powered by BSDI, MHealthy’s third party vendor. Active U uses a customized version of BSDI's Motivation Alliance team challenge software.
    What are “allies”?
    Allies are friends who may or may not be your teammates (if you are on a team).  To access the Allies page, click on the main menu icon in the upper left hand corner and select “Allies.” Using the tabs at the top of the Allies page, you can request to be someone’s ally, accept allies, and search for allies. 
    Once you’ve accepted someone as your ally, they will be able to see you accomplishments and any kudos you have received from other allies. Your allies will NOT be able to see your weekly goal minutes or how much of your weekly goal you have achieved.
    What is the Chronicles section on the Active tracker?
    “Chronicles” is your way to connect with your allies, motivate others and share your successes. Use the icons at the top to share journal posts, have conversations with one of your allies, and share your milestones.  
    How will I know when I have a new message or conversation waiting for me?
    If you are using a computer to access the dashboard, in the upper-left corner you will see a flag icon. A highlighted circle will appear at the bottom of the flag when you have a new notification or message waiting for you. On your mobile device, click on the main menu icon in the upper left hand corner to access Notifications.  
    How do I change settings in my profile?
    Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Profile to change your profile picture, your name, nickname, email address, etc.

    Logging Activity Minutes

    How do I log my physical activity minutes?
    You can log your physical activity minutes manually or by syncing your tracking device or mobile app with the Active U.
    To log minutes manually: Log into Active U and click on Favorites. Select either “Workouts” or “Exercise Minutes” to access your workout log. Click on the plus sign (+) by “Exercise by Time” or “Add exercise minutes & intensity.” Note: You can also log your exercise by distance or strength training; however these do NOT count toward achieving your Active U minutes goal.
    To sync your device or mobile app: Log into Active U and click on Favorites. Select “App/Device Connections,” find your device from the list of supported devices and apps. Click on the plus sign (+) and follow the steps for your device.
    In the “Exercise by Time” section, in addition to time, there are options to include a name, calories, etc.; do I have to complete these fields? 
    No, adding an exercise name, calories and notes are optional. The only area you need to fill in to count towards your exercise minutes goal is time. Also, you will see options to log your exercise by distance or strength training; note, these do NOT count toward achieving your Active U minutes goal.
    How do I sync my device or app to the Active U program?
    To sync your device, either go to Favorites and select “App/Device Connections” or click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.  Select “Connections” to see the list of supported devices and apps. Click on the plus sign (+) next to the device/app you would like to sync and follow the directions from there. Please remember to go in the system at least once every two weeks during the program to update the sync.
    Note:  Though some apps and devices offer more options, for the purposes of this program, we only need access to your physical activity minutes.
    What fitness trackers can I sync to Active U?
    Below is a partial list of compatible devices. A complete list is available on the Active U tracker.
    Adidas Speed cell; Adidas Fit smart
    Fitbit Ultra; Fitbit Zip; Fitbit Alta HR
    Jawbone UP 24
    Lumo Lift; Lumo back
    Misfit flash; Misfit ray; Misfit phase; Misfit flare; Misfit Shine 2; Misfit Shine 2 swimmers edition
    Movable MOVband
    Withings Healthmate app; Withings pulse activity tracker; Withings Activite pop; Withings Acitivite steel
    Nokia Steel; Nokia Steel HR
    Suunto movescount app
    Under Armour record-sync steps
    Medisana ViFit Activity Tracker; Medisana VitaDock
    Suunto Ambit3 Peak; Suunto Ambit3 sport; Suunto Spartan Ultra
    Garmin edge 810; Garmin Fenix 2; Garmin forerunner 610; Garmin forerunner 220; Garmin tactix bravo; Garmin approach s60; Garmin epix; Garmin forerunner 225
    How do I change my weekly goal?
    You can change your weekly goal on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.  To change your goal, click on Favorites and select “Program Goal.”
    Where can I go to see my progress toward reaching my program goals (logging exercise at least three days a week for at least 30 minutes a day, successful logging at least 8 out of the 12 weeks, and completion of the program survey, which comes out on March 13)?
    Once logged into the Active U tracker, go to the "Program" section in the main section of the Active U dashboard and click on the arrow to find “Program Status,” which will show you how you are progressing towards reaching your program goals.

    Team Information

    How do I start a team?
    After registering, select "Active U Team Challenge" from the main section of the Active U dashboard. You will then be able to choose a team name and a team division. Select "Create a Team.”
    What division is my team in?
    There will be several divisions for Active U; you may make your choice of being in the same division as a department rival, a division whose name you like, etc.
    How do I invite team members? 
    To invite people to join your team, please use your own email.  Let them know that once they have registered and completed the pre-survey, they can search for your name or your team’s name in the Team Challenge section.  Please note: Team members can ONLY join teams until 11:59 p.m., January 8.
    What does it take to be a team captain?
    As a team captain, you serve as a motivator for team members by organizing team activities and/or sending motivational emails; anything to help get your team moving.
    Team captains also remind team members to log their physical activity minutes throughout the program. Logging minutes is very important as it is the way team standings are determined throughout the program and at the end of the 12 weeks. Learn more about being a team captain.
    Can I name co-captain(s)?
    Yes, you can add someone as your co-caption by going to the Locker Room under the Team Challenge section. Select My Team by clicking on the pencil icon. Click on the checkmark next to the teammate(s) you would like to make a co-captain (the checkmark will be green).  
    Can I see who is on my team?
    Yes, to see your team members’ names/nicknames, go to the My Team section under Locker Room in the Team Challenge area.  You will be able to see all your teammates names/nick names, who are captains of your team, and who are your allies.
    Can my teammates see my information?
    Your teammates can see your name or nickname.  If you make them allies, they would also be able to see when you complete certain accomplishments (completed the survey, etc.).
    How are team standings calculated?
    We calculate the % of goal met for each person. This includes not only time but number of times logging. This is capped at 100%, (so if you log 5 times and a total of 1000 min, and you goal is 90 min over 3 days a week, you would have 100%).
    Then we average the goals for the week for everyone on the team, then we average that over all weeks in the program that are active.

    Perks and Prizes

    What are the extra prizes this year?
    There are many opportunities to earn or win prizes with Active U 2018. Learn more on our Perks and Prizes page. 
    How will the prize winners be recognized?
    Active U weekly prize winners will be recognized on the MHealthy website.