Emergency Hardship Program

“This is such a blessing – I am so appreciative of the help to myself and my children.” - EHP grant recipient

Sometimes, unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances such as sudden illness, family crisis, or natural disaster can result in a traumatic or emergency financial crisis for University of Michigan employees. The Emergency Hardship Program provides financial support to employees who are experiencing a qualifying financial hardship. 

Payments are made directly to the vendor where the money is owed. Only certain expenses are eligible for hardship funds. Given the limited amount of funds, not all requests can be approved for financial assistance even though there may be a clear need for assistance. Resource Coaches are available to determine if employees qualify for assistance from community agencies. All grants awarded are considered income and are subject to income taxes and are reported to the Payroll Office. Please know that the application process can take up to 2 weeks before funds can be disbursed.


You must:

  • be an active, regular (non-temporary) employee not on medical leave

  • have an income within Salary Band 1 ($49,300 or less)

  • be at least a 50% or greater full time equivalent

  • have at least 12 months of continuous regular employment at the time of application

  • you or your household have not received an EHP grant in the last 5 years

  • have considered other possible resources

  • have a temporary financial hardship because of an emergency situation (see eligible hardships below)

Temporary financial hardships include:

  • Natural disaster

  • Death of a family member

  • Fire or flood damage.

  • Serious illness or critical injury

Ineligible Expenses

  • Ineligible expenses include mortgage, car loan, credit card debt, car purchase, bankruptcy debt, legal fees/fines, wage garnishments, and home appliances or furniture.

Eligible Expenses

  • Examples of eligible expenses may include rent assistance to prevent eviction, utility assistance to prevent utility shut off, funeral expenses, home repairs or car repairs due to catastrophic events such as flood, fire, or major accident.

How to Apply

  • Contact the MHealthy Resource Coach team by completing this form

  • You may also email [email protected] and provide your name, phone number, UMID #, and the best time to reach you. Completing the form or email is the quickest way to reach the Resource Coach team. If you are unable to access email, you may call the MHealthy main line at 734-647-7888 to provide your information and request a Resource Coach to contact you. 

  • A Resource Coach will complete a confidential intake and evaluation to provide recommendations and assistance. Based on the intake consultation, an employee may be referred to other University or community resources for financial guidance, budget counseling, or other specific assistance.

We know times are challenging right now. If you are in an urgent crisis or not an University of Michigan employee, please contact the following numbers:

  • Call or text 988 if you need urgent support for a mental health crisis.

  • Call 211 for locating emergency food resources or an emergency housing agency in your area.

  • If you have an upcoming utility shut off, you can call your utility company and ask for an extension to your bill’s due date.