Resource Coach

During challenging times, it can be difficult to know where to turn for support. Resource Coaches are here to listen and help you find practical solutions to difficult situations. The Resource Coach Program is available to employees of U-M and Michigan Medicine.

The program supports U-M faculty and staff experiencing a financial crisis or other personal hardship and connects them to the right resources.

Resources come in the form of: 

  • Case management services for faculty and staff experiencing a financial crisis or other personal hardships.

  • Referrals and connections to community and local resources.

  • In some cases, financial support (Resource Coach Mini-grants and Emergency Hardship Program awards) to cover an urgent financial need for qualified employees.   

  • In some cases, the Emergency Hardship Program may provide financial support for qualified applicants.

Services provided by the Resource Coach program are confidential.

Due to a high volume of employee inquiries, it could take 3 days for staff to contact you to complete the intake screening. After the intake screening is complete, expect two weeks before meeting with a Resource Coach.  

"...I am so appreciative and glad that I was connected with you to get resources and help during these difficult times. ...You listened to me and you were so empathetic with me. You made me feel human and valued. You may not get to see the smile on our faces, but know for sure that everything you all have done has made a tremendous impact on our lives." Used with permission from a MHealthy Resource Coach Program client

If Your Need Immediate Assistance:

If you are in a crisis, please contact the following numbers:

  • Call or text 988 if you need urgent support for a mental health crisis.

  • Call 211 to locate emergency food resources or an emergency housing agency in your area.

  • Call your utility company and ask for an extension to your bill’s due date if you have an upcoming utility shut off.

  • This list of community and university resources includes resources to assist with utility shut off, emergency housing and transportation and other assistance.