Emergency Hardship Program

Emergency Hardship program image shows umbrella protecting a house from rain. Caption reads: Help in times of hardship.

“This is such a blessing – I am so appreciative of the help to myself and my children.” - EHP grant recipient

Sometimes, unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances such as sudden illness, family crisis, or natural disaster can result in a traumatic or emergency financial crisis for a faculty or staff member. The Emergency Hardship Program was established for such times.

When our colleagues face sudden and significant hardships and are left without sufficient funds for rent, utilities or other immediate and essential expenses, the Emergency Hardship Program can offer resource recommendations and, in specific emergency cases, provide funds up to a maximum of $1,500 for housing/rental expenses or a maximum of $1,000 for other essential needs such as utilities and transportation.

The Emergency Hardship Program began with a grant from the University of Michigan Credit Union and matching funds donated by faculty and staff. The program is currently supported with a generous donation from TCF Bank. Other donors include individual faculty and staff members, MHealthy Active U teams, the University of Michigan Skilled Trades Union, and others.

To date, there have been 384 emergency hardship grants awarded and the program has provided counseling and/or community resource information to nearly 3,000 members of the university community. See this infographic more about the impact of the program

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Give a Gift, Make a Difference

The Emergency Hardship Program is a simple way to make a meaningful difference to friends and colleagues when they need it most. If you are able, making a financial donation to support the fund can make a positive difference for colleagues in need.