Ways We Work Implementation Group

The pages listed in the "Browse in this section" menu provide updates on five key areas of focus to help support the ways we work today and in the future for the Ann Arbor campus. Michigan Medicine, along with the Dearborn and Flint campuses are considering the adoption of some of the recommendations within their existing practices. 

On these pages, you can learn about the planned development of new resources and procedures as recommended by university leadership and informed by the previous work of the Future of Work Steering Group

Updates will be added as they become available. Questions can be sent to [email protected]

About the Implementation Group

The Ways We Work Implementation Group is charged with coordinating a phased implementation of tools and resources to facilitate an engaged, and adaptable workforce. The group began meeting in March 2023, with sponsorship from Academic Human Resources and Staff HR Services. The implementation group is comprised of staff from all three campuses and Michigan Medicine.

This phased approach is expected to continue throughout the calendar year 2024. The intent is to allow thoughtful engagement with key stakeholders and ensure a planned and seamless integration of the recommendations into each unit's existing processes. 

Additional information will be shared with unit HR staff in the coming months to assist with the implementation.