Enterprise Health

Occupational Health Services is currently in the process of implementing a new medical record system called Enterprise Health. Enterprise Health is a certified electronic medical record specific to the occupational health industry and will replace Health Rx.

As of August 16th, Health Rx will not be active. All historical fit test and immunization data from Health Rx will be migrated to Enterprise Health.

The Enterprise Health implementation process will occur in two phases with phase one beginning August 16th. During phase one, employee immunizations, vaccinations, fit testing and new employee health assessments will be migrated to Enterprise Health. Employees will have an employee portal in Enterprise Health where they will be able to access historical immunization, vaccination and fit testing information.  Employees with annual fit testing requirements will receive email reminders from OHS/Enterprise Health notifying them to complete the fit testing requirement.  This year’s flu program will occur in Enterprise Health with more information and instructions available to employees on the OHS website and in future communications.  

This video will provide an overview of the functionality of the Enterprise Health Employee Portal. 

Employees will login into the Enterprise Health Portal by navigating to the website: https://enterprise-health.umich.edu/ and then use their unique level-1 credentials and two-factor authentication to login.

In Enterprise Health, supervisors and managers will have access to a supervisor portal in where they will be able to access their direct report employee records related to flu and fit testing compliance. New employee health assessments will be a condition of employment effective August 16th where all new employees will be required to go through a pre-placement assessment after the contingent offer is provided. This process will run parallel to the background screening and drug testing and will not slow down the onboarding process. Supervisors and managers will continue to be responsible for managing their employee flu and fit testing compliance, however, new employees offered a position as of August 16th and after will schedule a visit with OHS where new hire compliance requirements will be validated as a condition of employment.