Respirator Mask Clearance and Fitting

Beginning August 16th, workforce members will be able to use the new Occupational Health Services (OHS) certified electronic medical record, Enterprise Health portal, to complete the OSHA respirator questionnaire, schedule a fit test appointment and to view historical fit testing results. Enterprise Health is specific to the occupational health industry and will replace HealthRx.

As of August, 16th 2023, Health Rx is no longer active and will not be accessible. All historical fit test and immunization data from Health Rx has been migrated to Enterprise Health.

Many employees working at Michigan Medicine and on campus are required to wear the appropriate respirator to complete their work. Michigan Medicine employees are enrolled in the Enterprise Health Respirator Fit Testing Health Surveillance Panel based on the needs and requirements of their role within the department they work. Prior to an employee using respiratory protection, they must be medically cleared, fit and trained on proper use. Employees must not be assigned tasks requiring the use of a respirator until they have successfully completed the following steps:

  1. Receive medical clearance from Occupational Health Services (OHS) after completing the OSHA Respirator Questionnaire.
    • OHS reviews all OSHA Respirator Questionnaires and provides medical clearance for both Michigan Medicine and designated campus employees.
  2. Be successfully fit tested (N95) or trained and educated on the Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).
    • OHS completes fit testing and PAPR training for Michigan Medicine employees, only.
    • Campus employees are tested and/or trained by EHS.
  3. Staff working in specialized environments or in a role that requires use of specialized equipment may be required to complete additional medical clearance, testing and/or training. Check with your supervisor for further details.

Additional Respirator Fit Testing Information 

FDA Halyard Respirator Guideline Update

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated their guidelines on Halyard respirators on April 21st, 2023 to state the following:   

  • Regular size Halyard N95 respirators can be safely used in the following circumstances: 
    • When no fluid barrier is needed (ie. splash, spray and splatter are not anticipated). 
    • When a face shield is worn over the mask in cases where a fluid barrier is needed. 
  • Small size Halyard N95 respirators should not be worn.
  • Additional information is available, here: Fit Testing Update - Frequently Asked Questions