Required Immunizations for Michigan Medicine Employees

Michigan Medicine policy 04-06-002, Infection Control Practices for Hospital Personnel: Prevention of Spread of Communicable Diseases (Michigan Medicine Internal Link only) mandates that employees and volunteers document proof of immunity/vaccination to certain communicable diseases. These include measles, rubella (German measles), mumps, varicella (chicken pox), and pertussis. Immunity to those diseases will be documented at the new employee health assessment. If proof of immunity is not available, vaccines can be given. In some instances, blood can be drawn to assess immunity status.

The Michigan Medicine Mandatory COVID-19 policy requires that Michigan Medicine workforce members be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or possess an approved exemption. OHS will confirm COVID-19 vaccination status with all new employees during the new employee health assessment. New employees not vaccinated will be required to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination or apply for an exemption. 

Process to Update your Michigan Medicine Employee Immunization Record

Michigan Medicine employees with a noncompliant immunization status can attain compliance by following the process outlined below:

  1. Visit the Occupational Health Service (OHS) Health Rx Compliance Portal at to determine which immunizations are not on record. You will log in using your SSO Level-2 password and two factor authentication will be required. (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are the preferred browsers, HealthRx will not open in Internet Explorer). Refer to the immunizations listed in Action Items as Noncompliant. See below for Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B non-compliance information.

    Refer to this reference chart for more information

  2. Once you determine which records are not on file, you will need to obtain proof and submit the record to OHS using the form and process outlined here.  Please understand that OHS is unable to access any medical record to obtain immunization proofs on your behalf. See below for ways to obtain your immunization proof if you do not already have the record. 
  3. If you cannot submit proof of immunization or vaccination, please call OHS at 734-764-8021. Please state that you are a current Michigan Medicine employee unable to submit immunization proof and are seeking a lab visit to update you immunization record. 
  4. If you have additional questions, please contact OHS by email at

Tuberculosis Non-Compliance Important Information 

Baseline tuberculosis (TB) testing is required for all employees upon hire. Per CDC guidance, annual TB testing is no longer required for the majority of Michigan Medicine employees except those working in Microbiology & Immunology and Pulmonology. We are updating our system to reflect this update. In the interim, your record may show as noncompliant for TB. To validate that you have had a baseline TB test recorded in Health Rx: 

  1. Open the OHS HealthRx Compliance Portal.
  2. Select My Summary and then the + symbol next to Compliance Documents.
  3. If a Tuberculosis record is available for download, you can disregard the non-compliance message.
  4. If you do not see a Tuberculosis record, contact OHS and a QFT blood test lab order will be placed for you. 

Hepatitis A Non-Compliance Important Information 

Hepatitis A is not a required immunization for Michigan Medicine employees, but it is recommended for food service workers. If you are noncompliant and do not work in food service, you can disregard the non-compliance status. We are working to update our system and apologize for the inconvenience. 

Obtaining Immunization Proof 

  • Employees can obtain their immunization record by contacting your Primary Care Provider.  
  • Michigan resident can visit the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) website at to download a copy of their immunization records.  
  • Portal active Michigan Medicine patients can visit  From Menu, locate the My Record section and select Immunizations. Here you can locate and print to PDF the immunization record. It is recommended that you use a computer rather than a mobile phone. 

Submitting Immunization Proof 

  • All immunization proofs must contain your full name and date of birth.  
  • For efficient processing, please complete all sections of the form and select the box for the record(s) you are submitting.  
  • You will receive an email notification from Health Rx when the record has been updated.  
  • Please allow 21 days for processing before contacting OHS to check status.