Ergonomics Awareness


  • Ergonomics Awareness now offers virtual ergonomic consultations (via phone or video conferencing) to faculty and staff working from home.  Onsite consultations are also available based on individual circumstances and medical need. Contact or (734) 763-0852. 
  • Medical Ergonomics is accepting referrals and providing work-site assessments. Appointments will be prioritized to reflect individual circumstances and medical need. Home visits may be conducted based on medical need. Contact or (734) 763-0852.   
  • Our self-help tips are also available to help you while at work or home.

It’s easy to be ERGO!

Learn how following easy ergonomic principles can help you improve your comfort at work.

Get started with self-help tools, which offer helpful tips on how to move and adjust your work space for your comfort and productivity.

If you need further assistance, select from below:

The Ergonomics Awareness team combines the efforts of ergonomic consultants at MHealthy; Environment, Health & Safety in Ann Arbor; UMHHC Safety Management Services; the Department of Environmental Health and Safety in Dearborn; and Environment, Health and Safety in Flint.