Change in Ability to Work

Change in Ability to Work

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The University of Michigan offers resources to faculty and staff who may be experiencing a change in their ability to perform effectively at work. In some instances this change may be related to a personal medical condition such as cancer or arthritis; a physical disability such as a change in vision, hearing or other sensory issue; or a cognitive, mental or emotional change such as a brain injury, depression, or a learning disability. Changes can be temporary or permanent.

Confidential assistance is available when there is a change to job performance that affects production speed, accuracy, or work behaviors. Staff work collaboratively with you to help provide the best opportunity for improving your work performance.

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Physical Change

Examples include change in vision, hearing, strength, endurance or coordination.

Cognitive, Mental or Emotional Change

Examples include changes caused by a brain injury, a possible learning disability, or changes in ability to organize or remember.

Illness, Injury and Return to Work

Injury or illness that changes your ability to perform your job or results in an absence from work. Examples include non-occupational and workers compensation issues.

Managers and Supervisors

Resources and information for managers and supervisors when a faculty or staff member experiences a change in his/her ability to perform effectively at work.

Additional Resources