Benefits Mentor

Benefits Mentor is a decision support tool that allows users to compare U-M's Health Plans in choosing which best suits your needs. The interactive tool analyzes information you list as important – such as cost, physician network and specific benefits – and factors in either your historical claims data or benchmark claims data to suggest a health plan for you.

Benefits Mentor was developed by Human Resources after faculty and staff requested more tools to help them make decisions about their benefits. It is accessible year-round to assist during situations that require enrollment or change in benefits, such as Open Enrollment, life events and becoming newly eligible. Learn more by viewing the frequently asked questions about Benefits Mentor below.  

Using Benefits Mentor does not automatically enroll you in a health plan. If you want to change your benefits or enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you must complete the traditional Open Enrollment process. If you do not want your benefits to change and do not want to enroll in an FSA, no action is needed. 

To use Benefits Mentor, go to Wolverine Access and enter “Benefits Mentor” in the search field. As of Monday, Oct. 2, 2023, the 2024 rates and plans are included in Benefits Mentor.

The Benefits Mentor tool requires you to answer a few questions using information available in Wolverine Access. 

  • To answer the "What is the zip code for your current address on file?" question, go to:
    Wolverine Access -> Employee Self-Service -> Campus Personal Information -> Addresses -> Enter the zip code associated with the entry of Address Type = Current Local 
  • Depending on your benefit program, you might be asked to provide your medical plan salary amount. To answer the question, go to:
    Wolverine Access -> Benefits Self Service -> Display Benefit Plan Rates -> Health Plan Rates tab. This page shows the 2023 and 2024 rate information. Scroll down to the 2024 rate section. Above the heading "2024 Health Plan Rates," view "Next Year's Benefit Program."

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