Find a Participating Provider

Before you enroll in a new health plan, check the provider directory to make sure it includes a doctor and hospital of your choice. The providers will vary by health plan participation and network. Plan participating physicians and hospitals are always subject to change. You will not be able to change health plans mid-year due to a physician's or hospital's disaffiliation with your plan. 

Contract renewal dates between health plans and their doctors and hospitals vary, and renewal is at the option of either party. In the event your primary care physician's (PCP) affiliation with U-M Premier Care or GradCare ends midway through the calendar year, you will need to select another PCP within your plan's service area. The Community Blue PPO plan does not  require you to designate a PCP, however, you will always receive a greater benefit, and less out-of-pocket costs, if your care is received in-network.

Click the following links to search the provider directories for each plan: