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Individual Ergo Hero Award

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Individual Ergo Hero Questions and Answers

What are the MHealthy Individual Ergo Hero Awards?
The Individual Ergo Hero Awards recognize any individual regular faculty and staff members who are independently reducing their risk of ergonomic discomfort by using recommended postures, work strategies or equipment. The individual awards also recognize managers and supervisors as individuals who support staff by applying ergonomic solutions in the workplace.
Who is eligible to receive an Individual Ergo Hero Award?
Any regular University of Michigan faculty or staff member that has demonstrated the use of an effective ergonomics solution.
Who can submit nominations for an Individual Ergo Hero Award?
Any university faculty or staff member can submit a nomination form.
Can I nominate myself for an individual award?
What will an individual receive for winning an Individual Ergo Hero Award?
Faculty and staff will be recognized with an Ergo Hero lapel pin and a congratulatory certificate.
What is the process for the Individual Ergo Hero Award?
Nominations for the individual awards are accepted year-round. Nominations will be reviewed monthly by a member of the Ergonomics Awareness Team. Qualified recipients will receive their lapel pins and certificates through campus mail.
How do I nominate my co-worker?
Nominate a Colleague for an Individual Ergo Hero Award
Ergo Hero Certificate