Special Prescription Drug Programs

U-M prescription drug plan members may receive notification about participating in a voluntary prescription drug program.

MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service and Affordable Care Act - $0 Copay for Tobacco Cessation

Prescription only and generic over-the-counter (OTC) smoking cessation medications are covered at zero ($0) copay for eligible members of the U-M prescription drug plan. This coverage complies with the preventive care services provisions required under the Affordable Care Act. To receive the zero ($0) copay benefit, members need either a doctor's prescription or an MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service (TCS) authorization letter prescribing the smoking cessation medication. Products include generic nicotine patches, generic nicotine gums, and generic nicotine lozenges. Brand name OTC nicotine replacement products will not be covered. Patients interested in prescription quit aids such as Chantix will need a prescription from their physician.  Further detail is available in the letter from MedImpact.

Please note that participation with TCS is not required to obtain smoking cessation medications at $0 copay under the U-M drug plan. However, behavioral support can provide important help to quit tobacco. For behavioral support, employees (and their spouses or OQAs) can choose from a variety of program options including individual, internet-based or telephonic tobacco treatment sessions through TCS. 



  • (800) 681-9578 MedImpact Member Service
  • (734) 998-6222 MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service

Statin Pill-Splitting Incentive Program - 50% Copay Discount and Free Pill Splitter

Cholesterol lowering medications called statins are available in different strength tablets at the same or very similar cost. When physicians prescribe half as many higher-strength pills and have the patient split the tablet to the desired dosage, the overall cost can be reduced as much as 50%. You can reduce your copays by 50% when you and your physician voluntarily choose to participate in the pill-splitting program.  Medications that qualify for this program are:

  • simvastatin (10, 20, 40, 80 mg)
  • lovastatin (20, 40 mg), pravastatin (20, 40 mg)
  • atorvastatin (20,40, 80 mg)
  • Crestor (10, 20, 40 mg)

There are no specific enrollment forms for this program. Your physician writes prescriptions for qualifying medications as "take 1/2 tablet once a day." The university will pay for one pill-splitter per calendar year to assist you in splitting tablets, if you wish to participate.

Please note that as of November 1, 2017, generic statins are available at $0 copay under the Affordable Care Act. A copay is still required for brand name statins.

The instructions for pill splitting are available from the links below for your use. We suggest that you print out the instructions and take them with you to your physician’s office to discuss the program and keep them to assist you in cutting tablets.