Rewards Eligibility and Payments


Employment Category (Active Faculty and Staff Only) Eligible for MHealthy Rewards

Faculty and staff who are eligible* for the following Health Plan Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Major Medical

  • U-M Premier Care

  • Community Blue PPO

  • Michigan Care

  • Consumer-Directed Health Plan

*Please note:

  • Faculty and staff who waive their health plan benefits are still eligible for Rewards.
  • Faculty and staff who are on long-term disability are not eligible for Rewards.


Faculty and staff who are only eligible for Grad Care benefits


Faculty and staff who are eligible for benefits under the Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR) provision of the Affordable Care Act


Faculty and staff who are not eligible for Health Plan Benefits




U-M Students (non-staff), including Medical Students


Temporary Staff


U-M Retirees



  • Newly hired benefits-eligible faculty and staff will gain access to the MHealthy Portal approximately 10 business days after they have elected their e-benefits online. 

  • If at any time an employee’s employment changes with the university, this may impact their ability to access the MHealthy Portal and/or receive the incentive payment. 

Questions on eligibility? Contact U-M Shared Services Center at 734-615-2000.

Payment Information

The $75 Rewards incentive for completing the health questionnaire will be paid before taxes within your U-­M paycheck. It may take up to 60 days for a payment to be made.

On your paycheck, you will see an additional line item under the "Hours and Earnings" section entitled "Rewards Payment,” which indicates your $75 payment for completing MHealthy Rewards (in 2024, this includes completing the health questionnaire and setting a goal on the MHealthy Portal).

If the payment shows up in the YTD (year to date) column, then this payment has already been processed on a previous paycheck. If it is in the Current column, then your payment has occurred on the paycheck you are viewing.

To see your MHealthy Rewards payment, please log into Wolverine Access to view your paycheck or call the Shared Service Call Center at (734) 615-2000.