Wearable Activity Trackers - Which Is Right For You

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The popularity of wearable activity trackers like Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, and Apple has grown considerably. If you’ve thought about buying one but wasn’t quite sure if it’s for you or which one to buy, use this information to help you make an informed decision.

Tracker Comparisons

Read this document to get side by side comparisons of the some of the most popular wearable activity trackers on the market today.

Activity Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

What are activity trackers?
Activity trackers are devices that translate movement into different forms of data. Most trackers will provide estimates of steps, distance, and active minutes. The data can be viewed on a phone, tablet or PC. Depending upon the tracker, the information tracked may vary. Some trackers can even record sleep patterns and allow you to track eating habits.
How do activity trackers work?
Activity trackers use accelerometers to translate body movement into data. The movement is converted to data by using standards that have been determined through exercise science testing. Activity trackers can over count or under count step depending upon the surface you are on, type of movement, and where the device is worn on the body.
Where are activity trackers worn?
Different activity trackers are worn in different areas of your body. Some trackers can be worn multiple places. Depending upon the tracker, they can be worn at the wrist, pant line, belt, pocket, or on an undergarment.
Quick Tip: Wrist trackers should be worn on the non-dominant hand for a more accurate measurement.
Why are activity trackers useful?
Activity trackers are useful for many reasons. They help you become more aware of current exercise, sleep and eating habits. Greater awareness of your habits can help you identify behavior patterns. With this knowledge, it is easier to create health goals. In addition, activity trackers provide fun social outlets for you to share successes and challenge friends.
Which activity tracker is the best?
There are many different activity trackers. The best activity tracker for you will depend upon the features you want.

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