Active U Autumn Team Captains

Registration starts September 6, 2022. The deadline to register is October 3, 2022.

As a team captain, you serve as a cheerleader and motivator for team members by organizing team activities or sending motivational emails. We ask team captains to register their team names and invite potential Active U Autumn team members to sign up.

The following are the roles and responsibilities of an Active U Autumn team captain:

Before Active U Autumn begins on Sept. 19

  1. Register yourself and create your team.
  2. While on the portal, you can send an email to your U-M friends and colleagues to invite them to join your team (under "Want To Invite A New Member?”). In order to be on a team, they must join by the end of the day October 3.

During Active U Autumn

Team captains are not able to email their team members through the Active U Autumn tracker. If you would like a list of your team emails, please contact

  1. Remind the participants of the rules so they know the criteria for successfully completing Active U Autumn.
  2. Remind team members that they should log their minutes weekly. Logging minutes is very important as it is how team standings are determined throughout the program and at the end of the 8 weeks.
  3. Remind participants that they have only a 14-day grace period to log their minutes. If a team member does not log activity minutes by the deadline, that team member receives a "zero" for the week, which counts towards the team's average.
  4. Be a positive force in team members' lives, encouraging them to exercise in a positive manner, possibly planning team events (virtual or socially distanced), etc. 
  5. Be the contact liaison between team members and MHealthy if any questions, concerns or comments arise.
  6. Remind the participants of the rules.

To see a list of your teammates before logging begins, log into the MHealthy Portal and select “Active U Autumn Registration” within the Active U Autumn Challenge box. This will take you to the Active U Autumn page. Near the bottom of the page, you will see the names of your team's members. Team captains are always the first person listed on the team list. 

To see the list of your team members during logging, enter as if you were going to log minutes, then, near the top, click on “Team Info”

After Active U Autumn Ends

  1. Try to keep the team together to continue with their healthy behaviors. MHealthy has plenty of ideas for you if you need assistance in this area.
  2. Stay in touch with MHealthy by visiting the website for healthful information and updates on upcoming programs and activities.