Active U Autumn Team Captains

As a team captain, you serve as a cheerleader and motivator for team members by organizing team activities or sending motivational emails. We ask team captains to register their team names and invite potential Active U Autumn team members to sign up.

The following are the roles and responsibilities of an Active U Autumn team captain:

During Active U Autumn Registration, August 6 - September 16

  1. Register yourself, then select "Active U Autumn Team" from the main section of the Active U Autumn dashboard. Choose a team name, division (you may choose nay division you wish), slogan and icon. Select "Create a Team."
  2. Email your U-M friends and colleagues to invite them to join your team. A sample email is provided below. Let them know that once they have registered and completed the pre-survey, they can search for your name or your team’s name in the Team Challenge section. In order to be on a team, they must join by Sept. 16, end of the day.
  3. If anyone would like to invite a spouse / OQA to join, they should click on their profile picture in the upper right corner, select Profile, then “Linked Significant Other/Qualified Adult (SOQUA)” and enter the spouse/OQA’s email address.  
  4. If you would like to have a co-captain or two, you can make teammates your co-captains by selecting "Active U Autumn Team" from the main section of the dashboard, then selecting "Locker Room" near the top of your team page. Select the pencil icon next to My Team. Click on the checkmark next to the teammate you would like to make co-captains (the checkmark will be green). 

During Active U Autumn:

  1. Remind the participants of the rules so they know the criteria for successfully completing Active U Autumn. Suggest they read the Frequently Asked Questions themselves.
  2. Remind team members that they should log their minutes weekly. Logging minutes is very important as it is one of the ways team standings are determined throughout the program and at the end of the 8 weeks.
  3. Remind participants that they have a 14-day grace period to log their minutes. The last day to log past minutes is Nov. 25 at 11:59 p.m. If a team member does not log activity minutes by the deadline, that team member receives a "zero" for the week, which counts towards the team's average.
  4. Be a positive force in team members' lives, encouraging them to exercise, possibly planning team events, etc.
  5. Be the contact liaison between team members and MHealthy if any questions, concerns or comments arise.
  6. Also consider recruiting someone from your team to serve as co-captain to help with planning team activities, sending motivational emails, etc.

Sample Team Invitation Email

I have created an Active U Autumn team and would love you to join! If you want to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Go in and register yourself at the link located near the top of the page here:
  2. Once you complete the registration and pre survey, please click on the “Active U Autumn Team Challenge" section on the dashboard page.
  3. Put my name or the team name (Team Name) in the "Find a Team" section and you will find my team to join.
  4. Please do this ASAP because we can only add team members until the end of the day on Sept. 16!

If you have questions, you can contact and they will respond to you right away.

I hope you join my team soon!

(Your name)