Medical Ergonomics Program

MHealthy Medical Ergonomics and Occupational Therapy Services provide guidance and assistance at the job site to facilitate a successful match between the faculty or staff member's abilities and the job site needs. The MHealthy occupational therapist can identify employee strategies and accommodations to optimize work capacities, and can implement a trial of those solutions at the worksite in collaboration with the department. Issues addressed include musculoskeletal discomfort and limitations in mobility, coordination, strength, vision, hearing, memory and organizational skills. These individual services for faculty and staff are available at no charge, through a physician's referral.

In order to coordinate services with the physician and department, U-M faculty and staff who are under a doctor's care and want to have a worksite consultation should contact their doctor's office and ask them for a referral for a worksite consultation.

  1. If the doctor is a University of Michigan physician, they can now enter the referral into MiChart under MHealthy Ergo, and do not need to fax it to us.
  2. If the doctor is not a University of Michigan physician, they need to fax a referral form requesting the consultation to (734) 615-1570. They can also use their typical office form. Once we receive the referral, we will call you to schedule an appointment.
  3. If you have further questions, please contact Cindy Zielinski.