Alcohol Management Program: Moderation or Abstinence

The MHealthy Alcohol Management Program (AMP) at the University of Michigan is a brief, confidential health education program that helps you cut back on your drinking or quit altogether. It's your choice, abstinence or alcohol moderation.

Who should participate in the Alcohol Management Program?

The AMP is for anyone with mild to moderate alcohol problems who wants to eliminate the negative consequences of their drinking and improve their health by drinking less alcohol or none at all. This program is not for those who are severely dependent or alcoholic and require treatment services. Our clients include U-M faculty, staff, retirees, UMHS patients and the general public.  We offer appointments via phone, Zoom, or in-person.

Alcohol affects your health in many different ways, especially when used in excess. Because it is easy to drink too much, sometimes unhealthy habits can develop. Did you know that if you cut down or stop drinking you can:

  • Feel better about yourself

  • Improve your sleep

  • Have more energy

  • Increase confidence and self-control

  • Reduce empty calories

  • Avoid impaired driving

  • Improve your overall health

If you have been wondering:

  • Do I drink too much?

  • Would my life be better if I drank less?

  • Is my drinking considered risky drinking?

  • Is my drinking affecting my health?

  • How much is too much?

The AMP might be right for you. Visit our Self-Evaluation to take a better look at alcohol and your health.

Why select the Alcohol Management Program?

  • It is private. Sessions are one-on-one. We are bound by law to protect your privacy.

  • It is effective. AMP has helped people moderate or stop drinking altogether, reducing drinking by approximately 65%.

  • It is flexible. Sessions can be in-person or by phone.

  • It is briefand includes:

    • a 1.5 hour initial interview

    • four to six 1-hour private sessions

    • follow-up appointments at one, three and six month post program completion

  • It is professional. The AMP team is comprised of master's prepared health educators who have extensive training and experience in alcohol education.

  • It is up to you. You select your goal to either cut down or stop drinking altogether.

Consider the cost and side effects related to your drinking, and ask yourself whether the Alcohol Management Program may be right for you.

Contact the Alcohol Management Program:

Call: (734) 998-2017

Email: [email protected]