Section 1: What you need to know about mental health problems and substance misuse


This training is designed to help UM staff in supervisory roles recognize workplace behavior and performance problems on the part of staff or faculty that may be associated with mental or emotional health problems, take appropriate steps to intervene constructively, and refer them to appropriate university resources for assistance.

Critical Behaviors

At the end of this training, supervisors will understand:

  • Basic information about the mental health problems most frequently encountered in the workplace—anxiety, depression, Attention Deficit Disorder and substance misuse
  • How mental health problems are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • How and when to engage constructively with staff and faculty who are experiencing problems functioning in the work place
  • When to access University resources to help you work effectively with staff and faculty encountering possible mental health problems

At the end of the training, supervisors will know how to:

  • Recognize workplace behavior or performance problems that might be related to mental health problems
  • Call on appropriate University resources to assist in managing difficult situations regarding employee behavior and work performance
  • Intervene in problem situations
  • Refer staff and faculty who might have a mental health problem to appropriate University resources
  • Protect staff and faculty confidentiality
  • Continue to supervise staff and faculty who have been referred for assistance

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