Voices Network Teams

Every few years Voices of the Staff seeks broad input from staff on challenges in the workplace. In fall 2021, Voices conducted a survey which resulted in 2,000 replies. In January 2022, Voices followed up with a town hall attended by more than 200 staff members as well as executive leadership from campus and Michigan Medicine. By sharing their collective voice, these staff members helped to shape and define the areas of focus for the Voices Network Teams.

The Voices program year runs from June to May. Each June an annual meeting is held to mark the start of a new program year. The event is held to thank those who have completed their 2 or 3 years of participation and service as well as welcome new members just starting their Voices experience. 

For more about the team member experience, see the Voices of the Staff 2022 annual report in Adobe Express (or view a more accessible webpage version). The digital report provides a sense of Voices history, the makeup of the program, videos from current members, and supportive statements from leaders.  

Updated Teams for 2022-2023 

  • Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Develop strategies for addressing issues of concern, as well as initiating and sustaining collaborations to support an environment of transparency and open communication
  • Enhance the Employee Experience
    • Share best practices to help balance professional and personal life, provide recommendations to support positive work culture including staff recognition, safety, and the impact of our varied work environments 
  • Embrace Change 
    • Explore growing through adversity and investigate strategies for staff to learn how to build resiliency and lead during times of change
  • Facilitate Flexible Work
    • Help shape our future workplace by providing input on the benefits and challenges of remote, in-person, and hybrid work which include the human experience, productivity, and the need to leverage technology
  • Promote Career Growth
    • Provide feedback for improving learning and skill-building opportunities, explore existing coaching and mentoring options and suggest tools to help employees facilitate career advancement
  • Strive for Well-being 
    • Partner with MHealthy, investigate best practices in evidence-based programs and provide feedback for new ways to engage the university community in the eight dimensions of wellness