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Statement from the PDOC

Dear Community Members,  

It is our esteemed pleasure to present the U-M Police Department Oversight Committee's (PDOC) inaugural Annual Report. The PDOC is a committee enacted by the state of Michigan and tasked with investigating grievances by persons against U-M police officers and the U-M Police Department. The Report summarizes the activities of the PDOC from 2021-2022 (Summer), with attention to grievances handled and critical structural changes to the PDOC that have advanced both its resources and investigatory scope. We would be remiss to note that this is the first such publicly available report documenting grievances against U-M police personnel in the University's history and since the creation of the PDOC in 1990. It is long overdue. We are eternally grateful to the former committee members of the PDOC whose tireless work and service to the community make this Report possible today. And, of course, to the members of the community that have filed grievances and mobilized their rights in an effort to ensure that professionalism and accountability persist within the U-M Police Department. We work in service to you.

"The pandemic – and the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others – rocked the world and impressed upon the committee that we could not 'return to normal' but instead needed to do more and better when it came to improving policing and public safety. I write to you in the thirtieth year of police oversight on campus, when it seems right to reflect on what has been accomplished and what remains to be done." - Sarah Peitzmeier (quote from the annual report)

About the Committee

The University of Michigan Police Department Oversight Committee is an oversight committee for the University of Michigan Police Department created under the authority of Act 120 of the Public Acts of 1990 of the State of Michigan.

The function of the Committee is to comply with Act 120 and consider grievances by persons against police officers or the Police Department. The Committee may prepare and make recommendations concerning such grievances to the Executive Director, Division of Public Safety and Security, including recommendations for disciplinary measures against a police officer who was found responsible for misconduct in office. The six-member committee is comprised of two student members, two faculty members (one Senate faculty and one non-Senate faculty), and two staff members (one union and one non-union), who are nominated and elected by their peers for two-year terms.

For information or to file a complaint, call (734) 647-7292, email pdoversight@umich.edu or visit room 2005 Wolverine Tower, 3003 S. State St.

Police Department Grievance/Complaint Form

For more information about the Police Department Oversight Committee, contact:  

The University of Michigan
Police Department Oversight Committee

3003 S. State St., Suite #2005
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1281
Telephone:  (734) 647-7292    
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Email:  pdoversight@umich.edu