Reporting Resources (Confidential and Non-Confidential)

All university community members who become aware of or suspect wrongful conduct, or believe they have been the subject of retaliation, are encouraged to report their concerns or to seek guidance or help from one of the available university resources described below:  

Compliance Information Resources (Non-Confidential)

Individuals may seek guidance about compliance with a university policy or an applicable federal, state or local law by:

  • Submitting a question via the Ethics, Integrity and Compliance website

  • Contacting a compliance specialist who works in the area relevant to a university community member’s concern —on the  Topics and Contacts page of the Compliance website

  • Contacting the compliance coordinator in the Office of General Counsel, who can offer further guidance on the various resources and disclosure mechanisms 

Local Resources (Non-Confidential)

Many issues can be promptly resolved locally (faculty, staff or student environments), including by applicable resources listed below: 

  • Supervisor or higher level manager/administrator

  • Unit or school human resource officer 

  • Principal investigator 

  • School/College student services 

University Central Office Resources (Non-Confidential)

Ann Arbor Campus including Michigan Medicine 

  • For Students: The Dean of Students Office (DOS): (734) 764-7420

  • For Faculty: Academic Human Resources: (734) 763-8938 

  • For Staff: Staff Human Resources: (734) 763-2387 

  • For Michigan Medicine Staff: Michigan Medicine Human Resources: (734) 647-5538 

Dearborn Campus 

  • For Students: Center for Social Justice and Inclusion: (313) 583-6445 

  • For Faculty and Staff: Human Resources: (313) 593-3568 

Flint Campus 

  • For Students: Dean of Students Office: (810) 762-5728

  • For Faculty and Staff: Human Resources: (810) 762-3150 

Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office (Non-Confidential)

The Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office (“ECRT”) on each campus is responsible for providing supportive measures, advice, and guidance to university community members and, when appropriate or required, investigating: 

  • Student sexual and gender-based misconduct issues

  • Sexual and gender-based misconduct issues involving faculty, staff, and third parties

  • Concerns of persons connected with the University of Michigan who believe they have experienced prohibited forms of discrimination and harassment

  • Retaliation regarding any of the above matters

University Central Offices (Confidential Resources)

Ann Arbor Campus including Michigan Medicine 

Advocacy & Support: 



University Health Service: 

  • For Students: Wolverine Wellness Medical and Health Educators: (734) 763-1320 

  • For Students and Employees: Sexual Assault Services at University Health Service (UHS). UHS provides medical services for those who have experienced sexual assault, including sexual assault medical exams conducted by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) from Washtenaw County: (734) 764-8320 

Dearborn Campus 



Flint Campus 

Complainant Support: 



Third-Party Anonymous Reporting Hotline

University community members may elect to report a concern via the university’s “hotline”. The university utilizes a third-party hotline provider, to assist the university by documenting concerns or reports of possible misconduct. The information provided is sent to the university anonymously, when the reporter chooses. Further information is available at the Report a Concern page of the Compliance hotline website or by calling toll free: 1-866-990-0111.