OL Quick Links

Sometimes leaders are not sure where to start when looking through content available from Organizational Learning. We have created this list of quick tips that can help you provide suggestions to your team that will meet their professional development needs.

Content that is already available that could be leveraged by leaders and staff:

  1. Microlearning Opportunities (Learn, Try and Apply a topic in 45 minutes or less!): 

    1. Register for an upcoming session

    2. E-Learning is available anytime your client is ready on My LINC:

    3. Recordings can be viewed on our MiVideo site:

  2. Professional Development Courses and Resources: Filter readily available resources based on the MEM, duration limit, topic area etc.

  3. Learning Tracks Development Decision Matrix (Web Tool): This matrix is intended to quickly connect leaders, supervisors and learners with readily available content for development. Development can be for the leader, their team or for individual team members. Choose the situation that fits best. Content will go on a learner’s My LINC transcript for proof of completion and share skills they’ve built. 

  4. Career Development Toolkit: Self-assessment tools, career exploration and professional development resources, job search, resume and cover letter preparation.

  5. LinkedIn Learning: Professionally created and vetted content (>16,000 courses) available at no additional cost to all benefits-eligible employees of U-M.  All completed courses will go on a learner’s My LINC transcript for proof of completion and share skills they’ve built.

  6. Michigan Expectations Model: The Michigan Expectations Model (MEM) identifies 12 benchmark behavioral standards that all university faculty and staff should demonstrate. The goals of the MEM are to support our shared mission and equip faculty and staff with an understanding of the behavioral expectations needed for success at the University of Michigan.

  7. The Development Journey: The U-M Development Journey connects learners with developmental opportunities. This format puts guidance for professional and career development in the hands of the individual, not just with supervisors. There is also a Manager's Companion Guide.

  8. Exploration Questions - We encourage year-round collaboration between leaders and direct reports, with a focus on positive development, and the value that our employees bring to the University of Michigan. For your reference, we have developed several conversation starter questions that can be used to encourage impactful conversations and development. The questions are not a rigid set of required topics. They are meant to spark exploration, planning, alignment and assessment. Please use them as they are most constructive, adjusting them or adding to them as helpful.