Learning Tracks Development Decision Matrix

This matrix is intended to quickly connect leaders, supervisors and learners with readily available content for development. Development can be for the leader, their team or for individual team members. Choose the situation that fits best. Content will go on a learner’s My LINC transcript for proof of completion and to share skills they’ve built.

We’d love to know what you like about this tool, how we can improve it, and any other suggestions you’d like to share. To provide feedback please send an email to [email protected] with the subject: Leader/Supervisor Development Decision Matrix.

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A PDF version of the Decision Matrix is available to download.

Learning Tracks Decision Matrix
If you're looking to... then consider connecting with the following content... to build skills...
Understand culture, foster inclusive conversation, build productive team relationships Create value for the diverse communities we serve Creating an engaged and inclusive team environment
Define a "north star" for your team, craft a compelling team vision/mission, set relevant team and individual goals Create a shared vision Creating alignment within your team and clearly defining work that needs to be accomplished
Better manage change, adapt, and promote innovative approaches and thinking in your area Lead Innovation and change Being resilient in the face of change, and to encourage new approaches to solve continuing challenges
Create a psychologically safe environment for your team members, encourage diversity, and ensure input and suggestions are recognized Foster and promote diverse teams Leveraging differences among team members in a productive way
Build team collaboration and trust Collaborate and build inclusive relationships Connecting team members and building team trust
Provide constructive feedback, or coach team members to be their best selves Coach and develop others Communicating and guiding teams and team members, having productive conversations with teams
Learn how to adjust your communication style, build self-awareness and understand your team's culture Adapt Adapting to your team's needs and recognizing when adjustments need to be made
Face any fears you have and grow courage from these fears, build our resilience and promote positive attitudes Act with courage and confidence Facing change in a positive way and in a way that provides the best chance of success
Manage interpersonal communication in productive ways or build rapport with remote colleagues Communicate Communicating priorities or connecting with team members who are in different locations
Set goals to drive work or meet deadlines Achieve Results Achieving objectives and ensuring credit for completion of assignments
Determine which problems really need fixing, find root causes and use a structured approach to solving problems Solve Problems Figuring out what is causing problems and using proven approaches to increase success in solving problems
Understand the difference between culture and climate; or to have a positive influence on your team's culture Build Positive Culture Creating a positive culture on your team