Reduction in Force (RIF)

A reduction in force may be applied when a unit must respond to a budgetary or operational need such as a lack of funds, lack of work, or reorganization. Under a RIF, positions are eliminated from the unit. 

Employees who are affected by a reduction in force are encouraged to read the Reduction-in-Force Employee Information Guide for more information about the process, policy and resources available for finding employment and should contact their unit human resources office for assistance.

A written description of the reduction in force policy can be found in the Standard Practice Guide (SPG 201.72).


Employees must be provided written notification not less than 30 calendar days prior to the date of layoff. Employees with 10 or more years or service are entitled to a minimum of 90 calendar days notice.

Duration of RIF Status Period

Employees laid off because of a reduction in force go into RIF status. The RIF status period is 12 months for employees with at least one year of service. For employees with less than one year, the period is equivalent to the length of service. 

Employees who are not recalled to work within the RIF period will be terminated. 


Prior to any reduction in force, the department head may reassign employees to classifications they formerly held or to classifications in the same or lower salary grades. 

Consideration for Open Positions

Employees on RIF status may receive preferential consideration for transfer to an open regular position for which they are qualified. A 90-day period of mutual assessment allows both the supervisor and employee to assess the success of the transfer with the ability to return to RIF status. 

Employees are responsible for applying for open positions. Hiring managers will be notified if a candidate in their pool is on RIF status.  


Life, Health, Dental Insurance

Employees may continue life, health and dental insurance coverage until the end of the 12th month following the month the layoff became effective. The employee is responsible for paying the full premium (both the employee and university contributions). It is the responsibility of the employee to contact the Shared Services Center prior to the layoff to make arrangements for continuation of benefits.

Coverage will be discontinued if the employee is employed by another employer who provides a health, dental and/or life insurance plan.

A recalled employee will receive the full university contribution for the following month in the month the employee returns to work with an appointment of twenty (20) hours or more. If coverage has been discontinued, coverage will be reinstated when the employee returns to a benefit eligible position.

Retirement Savings

All retirement program contributions are discontinued during the layoff period.

For more information about RIF and your benefits, see the Benefits Office website

Paid Time Off

The university will pay all accrued vacation and paid time off (PTO) at the time of layoff. Additional time off will not accrue during the layoff period.