Remote Work Agreements

Updated October 12, 2023

Employees who have received approval from their supervisor, unit HR, and central offices as appropriate to work off-site must have an agreement on file with their department.

This agreement helps to ensure a safe work environment, alignment with university policies and procedures, agreed upon standard work hours, communication methods, and work expectations.

Departments are expected to review agreements annually at a minimum and renew or update as appropriate.

Remote Work Agreement 

  • Remote Work Agreement: Use this agreement when an employee will regularly work remotely from an off-site work location.

  • Flexible Workplace Agreement: Use this agreement when an employee will work three or more days per week at the U-M work location and the remainder of the time at an off-site work location.

These agreements have been created by University Human Resources and the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) for use with regular and temporary employees. If you have questions about modifying them, please contact your central office HR representative. 

Michigan Medicine staff should continue to follow the Michigan Medicine remote work guidance provided, including having a remote work agreement on file.

Faculty and Graduate Student Assistants should continue to follow the guidance set forth by their school or college regarding remote work.  Please contact Academic HR for guidance on remote work.

Process for Reviewing/Filing Agreements

Employment outside of the United States is discouraged, absent compelling business reasons.

Employment outside of the United States or from a U.S. Territory requires review, consultation, and may require permission from central office administration before extending an offer/approving an arrangement. Contact your Unit HR representative to coordinate central office review.

Units must keep remote work agreements on file. Units may choose to use “Maintain Teleworkers” in MPathways to keep the agreement on file. Maintain Teleworkers provides a central repository for storing agreements in Document Imaging, and will capture effective dates, expected number of days of the week, and work location when working off-site.


  • Property Control: Employees with regular appointments and students with class requirements can use university equipment at off-campus locations whenever it will benefit U-M's teaching, research, administration, and patient care. Review policies, procedures, and responsibilities on the U-M Property Control site.

  • Safe Computing: Employees working off-site are responsible for the confidentiality and security of U-M information. Read more on the Safe Computing site.