MHealthy Annual Report

With the establishment of MHealthy, Prior to 2009, MHealthy’s first official year as a comprehensive university-wide initiative, U-M executives made a commitment to making the university  U-M a model community of health. They did this because they recognized that the most progressive and successful organizations in the country value employee health and well-being as a key ingredient to individual and organizational success. Since its creationthen, the universityU-M has made significant achievements in increasing the health awareness and healthy behaviors of faculty and staff.

Well over 20,000 faculty and staff participate annually in MHealthy programs and services. MHealthy has achieved high customer satisfaction, seen decreases in our faculty and staff’s health risks and improvements in our workplace culture, and garnered national recognition. The value to our academic mission has also grown as faculty partners collaborate with MHealthy to study these efforts and demonstrate to the nation what can be accomplished.

In CY15, MHealthy continued to make progress toward reaching our long-term goals of improving the health and well-being of our faculty and staff and becoming a model community of health. Some of the highlights include:

  • Culture of Health:  Continued growth of our healthy workplace culture by increasing our network of work unit MHealthy Champions to nearly 500 (up from 350 the previous year); adding an electronic cigarettes policy to the Health System’s and Athletic department’s Smoke-Free Environment Initiative; and, in partnership with food services and procurement, increasing accessibility to healthy food and beverage choices via our vending, dining, and catering programs, as well as numerous on campus farmers markets.
  • Wellness and Risk Reduction Services:  Continued significant participation in MHealthy Rewards (more than 21,000 participants); Active U (nearly 12,000 participants); Exercise & Relaxation Classes (more than 3,500 participants); Tobacco Consultation Services for patients (more than 5,000 touches through UMHS patient outreach, Tobacco treatment product co-pay reduction, group tobacco treatment, etc.); Exercise and Nutrition Consultations (more than 1,300 participants); and Ready to Lose Weight Management (more than 1,000 participants); as well as focused partnerships with job families that have higher percentages of at risk individuals (more than 2,000 participants).
  • Occupational Health Services:  Nearly 28,000 flu vaccinations (93% vaccination rate) were provided in the Health System and approximately 7,800 on our Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses.
  • FASAP & EAP Mental and Emotional Health Services:  More than 2,700 clinical visits, 1529 brief interventions and 1,387 consultations were provided to U-M employees in 2015. In addition, 2,173 employees participated in group interventions and over 7,800 participated in educational programs offered by the EAP and FASAP.

Read the full CY2015 MHealthy Annual Report.