To find information about coverage for a specific medication, check the drug plan formulary.  

View the University of Michigan Prescription Drug Plan Formulary – Effective date: May 22, 2020

Note: The formulary document is over 100 pages long, sorted by drug category.  For easy reference, there is an index in the back.  If you need to print, consider selecting only the pages you need.

The formulary is a list of generic, brand and specialty drugs that are covered by the plan. Inclusions of drugs on the formulary are determined by the clinical judgment of a committee of U-M physicians and pharmacists as well as published medical evidence in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Find complete medication coverage and member cost information through MedImpact’s online Drug Price Check.

Preferred Drugs - Generics and Preferred Brands

"Preferred" drugs under the University of Michigan Prescription Drug Plan include generic drugs (Tier 1 - lowest copay) and preferred brand name drugs (Tier 2 - intermediate copay). The plan formulary indicates the Tier copay level for each drug. Physicians are encouraged, but not required, to prescribe generics or preferred brand name drugs when appropriate for the patient’s condition.  Use of preferred medications offers a safe and effective alternative that helps reduce prescription drug costs for our members and may help limit increases in the university’s overall health care costs and copays.

Generic drugs are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), contain the same active ingredients and come in the same dosage forms as their brand-name counterparts, and must meet comparable safety, production and performance standards. Preferred brand name drugs are medications that are selected on the basis of effectiveness, safety, and cost relative to other FDA-approved drugs used to treat the same conditions.

Specialty Drugs

The term “specialty drug” applies to:

  • Self-administered injectable medications (non-diabetes)
  • Medications that require special handling, special administration, or monitoring, and
  • High-cost oral medications.

Specialty drugs are indicated on the drug plan formulary with an “S”, “LD”, or “LFM" in the “Drug Tier” column. Learn more about the process to follow when you receive prescription for a specialty drug.


Please be advised that the formulary is updated periodically and changes may appear prior to their effective date to allow for client notification. The University of Michigan does not warrant or assure accuracy of such information nor is it intended to be comprehensive in nature. The medical provider should consult the drug manufacturer's product literature or standard references for more detailed information.  Every effort is made to ensure complete and accurate information; however, the most accurate source of medication coverage and member cost is MedImpact’s online pricing tool. The pricing tool will not provide cost estimates for the product selection penalty or medications that require prior authorization.