Manager/Supervisor Information

Enterprise Health Compliance 

  1. Managers or supervisor should regularly access the Enterprise Health Supervisor Portal to review employees’ compliance status for respiratory fit testing (N-95) and the seasonal influenza program beginning September 1st, annually.
  2. This Compliance Reporting Tipsheet will advise supervisors and managers how to access reporting in Enterprise Health.

Pre-Placement Health Assessment

  1. Michigan Medicine workforce applicants and select campus departments following Michigan Medicine policy will be required to complete the Pre-Placement Health Assessment (formerly New Employee Health Assessment) at Occupational Health Services, South Industrial location as a condition of employment per policy Michigan Medicine Infection Control Practices Policy, 04-06-002.
  2. The Pre-Placement Health Assessment will occur concurrently with the applicant’s background check and drug screen. Applicants will not be able to proceed with hiring and on-boarding until all pre-employment requirements are met.
  3. Applicants receive the following Pre-Placement Health Assessment PowerPoint slides  during the Michigan Medicine Human Resources New Hire Information Session. These slides outline what the applicant should expect throughout the process and what the applicant is required to do to be cleared for onboarding. Detailed information is also available on the Pre-Placement Health Assessment page of the OHS website.
  4. OHS will notify Human Resources when each applicant has fulfilled the minimum requires for the Pre-Placement Health Assessment for onboarding. In some scenarios, applicants are “contingent cleared” allowing them to begin working, but they are required to return to OHS at a later date to complete the follow-up requirements.
  5. Supervisors and managers should be familiar with the process and encourage applicants to carefully review all of the material and promptly initiate the process for most-efficient onboarding.
  6. Human Resources has developed an onboarding checklist for applicants to utilize to support successful onboarding. Failure to initiate the onboarding requirements promptly can result in delay of the hiring process.

Visiting Scholars and Student Clinical Rotations

OHS does not manage immunizations for visiting scholars or students, unless they have a paid appointment or are enrolled in the University of Michigan School of Nursing, Dentistry or College of Pharmacy. Immunization compliance for visiting scholars is managed by The Office of Clinical Affairs (OCA). Immunization records for learners or students completing a clinical rotation from a non-University of Michigan program are managed by the department where the student is completing their rotation.

Michigan Medicine Policies