COVID-19 Vaccination

Occupational Health Services will be offering employee COVID-19 vaccinations by appointment only starting Thursday, October 5th. While the COVID-19 vaccine is no longer required, all Michigan Medicine employees are strongly encouraged to receive the updated vaccine to protect themselves and others.


Scheduling a COVID-19 Vaccine at OHS

Employees scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at OHS can do so through their Enterprise Health employee portal. Single Sign On (SSO, level 1) is required to login to Enterprise Health. Once logged in, employees should select “Schedule Your Appointment” from the home screen and follow the prompts to schedule a new appointment with the reason for your visit being COVID Injection. For detailed scheduling instructions, refer to this tip sheet.

Reporting a COVID-19 Vaccination

Michigan Medicine employees who receive an updated COVID-19 vaccine from their primary care provider, local pharmacy or other community resource should report it to Occupational Health Services by logging into Wolverine Access and selecting the COVID-19 & Health Response and Vax Viewer tiles. Here, employees can select Report a COVID-19 Booster and complete a brief questionnaire to submit the documentation for review.

Post-Vaccination Symptom Management

Employees experiencing symptoms following a COVID-19 vaccination, should refer to the CDC website for guidance. Employees experiencing mild symptoms can contact Occupational Health Services at (734) 764-8021 and speak to a nurse. If your condition is a medical emergency, please go to the closest emergency department.

Vaccine Resources