MHealthy's Overview and Mission

Building a Culture of Health

MHealthy was established as an initiative by former U-M President Mary Sue Coleman in 2005 to encourage a culture of health at the University of Michigan. The university recognized that the most progressive and successful organizations in the country value employee health as a key ingredient to individual and organizational success. In November 2006, MHealthy became an ongoing program of the university with an administrative home in University Human Resources. 

The following MHealthy mission, vision, strategic goals and principles now guide the university’s actions and reflect the value university leadership places on encouraging healthy living and a thriving workforce community:


Support members of the U-M community to lead healthy and fulfilling lives by helping to foster positive work cultures and environments that contribute to U-M being a great public university.


The University of Michigan will be a model community of health where both the individual and the organization thrive.

Strategic Goals

  • To promote the health, well-being and quality of life of the U-M community by:
    1. Keeping the well well
    2. Helping those with health risks or chronic conditions to improve their health
    3. Fostering a healthy culture, environment and positive relationships that engage and support faculty, staff and our community at large
  • To contribute to faculty and staff recruitment, retention and development through high quality health and well-being programs and services
  • To support the mission of the university through research, education and service partnerships that contribute to the evidence regarding how effective health and well-being programs can make a difference in improving people’s lives


Strive to:

  1. Address the significant health needs of our diverse populations
  2. Maximize participation within the university community while supporting choice
  3. Be data driven and cost-effective
  4. Protect personal health information
  5. Support and encourage the achievement of realistic goals among the populations we serve
  6. Offer a variety of accessible options for individuals and/or departments to positively influence their own health
  7. Encourage a safe and healthy work environment through shared responsibility with faculty and staff
  8. Seek customer input and engagement in planning and evaluating our services.

MHealthy Advisory Committee

The MHealthy Advisory Committee draws on the rich resources of the University to help address the national challenge in health care by developing innovative long-range solutions to improving health at the University and beyond. The committee works to advance public discussion and encourage social commitment to change by conceiving of health as a community process within the special context of the University workplace. Composed of representatives from each campus and the Health System, the committee invites community contributions to these deliberations with particular focus on how the University can integrate the promotion of healthy living with the provision of health care coverage and service delivery. Learn more about the MHealthy Advisory Committee.

MHealthy's Future Success

The university's continuing commitment to health and well-being and the community's embrace of programs that help maintain good health has been enduring. An initiative like this involves change at the individual, organizational and community levels.  It is complex and requires the support of all university segments and members of our community. The systems, culture and behavior changes that MHealthy hopes to accomplish will take years to achieve optimal results. We continue to develop programs that matter most to faculty and staff and make the greatest difference in improving employee well-being and satisfaction. Over time, we aspire to contribute to our organization's culture of health by positively associating our efforts with improvements in:

  • Health and quality of life
  • Work culture and employee satisfaction
  • Employee retention and recruitment
  • Illness related absenteeism

Contact Information

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