Employee Scholarship Policies

Participation in and acceptance of the Employee Scholarship constitutes acceptance and understanding of these policies. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Brett Knight at [email protected]

  1. The award covers the cost of one (1) class registration per session; additional enrollments will not be granted scholarship status.
  2. Participants will be responsible for paying tax on the cost of the class in which they are enrolled. The IRS has ruled that employees who participate in these classes have received a taxable benefit. Therefore, it must be reported as income on your Form W-2. As this is a taxable event you may be subject to applicable taxes on the value of the class.
  3. Participants will be asked to list their top three class choices, and MHealthy does not guarantee that participants will get their first choice of class.
  4. Classes provided by third party contractors or outside vendors are not eligible for award status.
  5. If a participant is enrolled in a class that is canceled for the session due to low enrollment, reasonable attempts will be made to place the participant into another class.
  6. Participants may not receive refunds for canceling from their awarded class. If a participant needs to drop/cancel/change their class due to medical, work, or family reasons, etc. they must contact MHealthy within 10 days.
  7. If a participant requests to be dropped from an initial class and apply their scholarship towards a different class, the participant will be subject to all policies as participants who enroll as part of the regular MHealthy process (participant may have to be added to a waitlist/may not be guaranteed a spot in the class).