Tobacco Treatment Virtual Quit Kit

Getting ready to quit tobacco?

Our "Virtual Quit Kit" is a great way to remind yourself why you want to quit and gives tips on how to stay quit.

Print the below Quit Kit resources or bookmark this page for quick reference. Keeping it close will remind you of your motivation and plan. Also have a few functional tools like chapstick, hard candy, a worry stone, and/or nicotine replacement therapy to help you stay quit.

  • Cinnamon Toothpick Recipe Card -Toothpicks can be a great tool when quitting tobacco. They can keep your hands and mouth busy during cravings.

  • What To Do Instead of Tobacco - When you're having a craving or are experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms, here are some things to do other than use tobacco.

  • Tobacco Quit Aids - When quitting tobacco you need to not only get off nicotine but also unlearn a lot of things you have learned to do when using tobacco over the years. Tobacco treatment aids are one of the best ways to stop or lessen withdrawal while you learn new ways of doing things without tobacco.

  • Smoking Myths - Bust some of the myths that can make you question quitting smoking. 

  • Helpful Tips to Quit Tobacco - Helpful tips to help with make quitting planningeasier, coping strategies that help break the connection to tobacco, and a list of some of the many health benefits ofafter quitting tobacco

  • Tobacco Treatment Resources and Toolkits

Physical Quit Kits

Throughout the month of November, a limited number of physical quit kits will be available at the following locations. These include information sheets, a hope stone (helps to keep hands busy), cinnamon candy and gum (helps to keep mouth busy) and more.

  • Tobacco Consultation Service: 3621 S. State Street, Ann Arbor

  • Occupational Health Services Office: C380 MedInn Building, 1500 E. Medical Center Dr., Ann Arbor

  • Faculty and Staff Counseling and Consultation Service, 1009 Greene St., 2076 Administrative Services Building (near U- M Stadium)